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Another ‘cupset’ as Swansea triumph at Stamford Bridge

The final whistle blows and boos ring out of the Stamford Bridge stands- against all the odds Chelsea have suffered their second consecutive home defeat failing to score in both games. While this was not a vintage performance from Rafa’s men but by no doubts was it poor all the statistics bar the score line, falling in Chelsea’s favour.

In the first half the home side had better chances and greater possession but they were let down by lazy play and several defensive errors leading to Swansea’s two goals. The first goal, a mistake from Ivanovic, lead to a wonder strike by goal scoring maestro Michu who’d been relatively quiet before Chelsea’s defensive error. Unfortunately for the Chelsea veteran it was not his night and another piece of sloppy play from Ivanovic gifted Swansea a second goal courtesy of Graham, brought on as a substitute for Michu. The woe only intensified for the Blues as a late consolation goal from rumoured departure and substitute Lampard was disallowed and ruled offside. Off colour striker Torres set fellow Spaniard Mata up with several tantalising chances in the first half but none came to fruition Swansea’s keeper putting in a stellar shift for the Welsh side. Despite Rafa trying to bring the best out of the former star striker Torres was decided inconsistent in front of goal substituted late in the game for new signing Demba Ba. Ba put in an impressive shift on his home debut for Chelsea arguably making more of an impact in the final ten minutes than Torres did in his eighty.  The new signing had several attempts on goal and for a brief moment it seemed that fans would be treated to yet another late equaliser in a Swansea Chelsea game. However it was not to be and fans were treated to another ‘cupset’ fresh on the heels of last night’s 3-1 victory to Bradford City.  Ba’s home debut was marred by a brave booking from referee Taylor for a questionable dive in the box.

The 2-0 score line flatters Swansea to an extent, like Chelsea they were not awful but there were no extended moments of consistency or flair. The Welsh side decided to play a game of containment rather than the attractive attacking football they favour at home with short bursts of European style flair. Despite the change in play and the problems Chelsea caused in the box throughout the game, the score line speaks of a different story and Chelsea hang on the edge of a shocking cup exit.

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