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England Squad now and the future 2016 & 2020

OK, so there is like a ton of press and talk about the future of the England team, bring through the youth, consulting Spain, Germany etc to see how they do it. We need to stop, just for a minute and break things down and solve one thing at a time.

* Current Senior Team

I would have the future of our country’s game in the squad now!, Straight forward as that. Players like Luke Shaw, Ross Barkley etc… Players like Ashley Cole, Frank Lampard who have been loyal servants, worked hard and should be thanked for 100+ caps but they should only now be considered squad players or back up.

In the case of A.Cole, most people (me included) would say they believe Leighton Baines is currently the best English left back. As his back up I would now have Luke Shaw, he has shown more than enough ability and potential, and well why not build up his experience? If Cole will now sit on the bench what’s the point in having him there, its not helping us now or in the future. Let it be know I still think Cole is class and would have him at my team Villa in a second, but we need to think long term not just 2014 World Cup.

I’d have my 23 for 2014 as: ( ) = caps

GK – Hart (36) , Foster (6), Ruddy (1)

DF – Walker (9) , Smalling (6), Baines (20), Shaw (0), Cahill (19), Jones (8), Dawson (4), Caulker (1)

MF – Wilshere (11), Cleverley (11), Rodwell (3), Barkley (1), Townsend (1), Sterling (1), Oxlade-Chamberlain (13), Gerrard (106)

ST – Rooney (85), Welbeck (19), Sturridge (7), Carroll (9) (to add another option)

I know people will say its too young or too inexperienced but there is 377 caps there and would be massively more experienced than the lesser nations we think we ‘should’ be better than and not far off the young German, Spain sides generally but obviously those teams have players like Iker Casillas who is only 32 but has 150 caps.

* Current U-21 Team

Butland, Jenkinson, Shaw, Ince, Morrison, Redmond, Zaha are all Premier League standard now, with players like Kane, Chalobah, Lingard & Tom Carroll all out on loan in championship getting vital pitch time. This is a promising side but needs to be added too!!!

* The cost of buying an English player

This is always a massive issue for me, why does it cost so much?.  This is why clubs go overseas, you can but a Spanish player who is decent/good/excellent for £5M/£8M/£12M etc but a decent English player is £10M/£20M/£35M (Carroll).
agents bumping up prices with hype, I don’t know why it happens. I do think it ruins those players though, they are then pushed so far into spotlight they flop or don’t meet the hype, then they get bad press and followed everywhere to see who they are dating, what night club they in.

Give them a reasonable price tag, make sure the press keep away from them, find them an agent that’s after their best footballing interests not how much money they can have.

* Promoting youth development and helping young English talent get a chance to play before buying for abroad

I think a cap on the number of foreign players at Championship, league 1/2 clubs to enable young English players to develop.

Clubs bringing in players from abroad has long been suggested as one of the main reasons why England have struggled on the international stage in recent years and this idea has also been suggested by U-21 managers Gareth Southgate. Stopping the amount of foreign players in the Championship would help develop home-grown talent, and Premier League teams can loan more young players out so they can play at a good standard and gain valuable pitch time.

Hope you like my first post and ill put another up next week. Good luck England, I’m hoping for a 2-0 win against Poland Tuesday night.

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