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Golden Furia stopped the Red army

The team of Luis Aragones defeated the Russians twice on this tournament, in their first and last match. This time Furia celebrated with 3:0 and completely deserved carved out Sunday’s final against Geramny.

first goal

Russia – Spain 0:3 (0:0)

stadium: Ernst Happel, Vienna

referee: Frank de Bleeckere (Belgium)

goalscorers: 0:1 Xavi (50′), 0:2 Güiza (73′), 0:3 Silva (83′)

Russia: Akinfeev – Anjukov, Berezutski, IgnaÅ¡evič, Žirkov – Semak – Žirjanov, SemÅ¡ov (56′ Biljaletdinov), Saenko (57′ Sičev) – ArÅ¡avin – Pavljučenko

Spain: Casillas – Sergio Ramos, Marchena, Puyol, Capdevila – Iniesta, Senna, Xavi (69′ Alonso), Silva – Villa (33′ Fabregas), Torres (69′ Güiza)

Golden Furia of Luis Aragones stopped in Vienna with 3:0 Red army of Guus Hiddink, and in final of European championship will measure the strenght with Germany.

Goal of decision was the creation of Barça’s duo, Iniesta and Xavi, who managed to unlock, until then, stringently guarded nets in the 50th minute.

Iniesta received the ball on the edge of the penalty box and shot towards the goal, badly, but Xavi ran in from the second plan and managed to push ladybird through Akinfeev’s legs.

The victory was confirmed by the reserve Dani Güiza only 350 seconds after entering the field, when he calmly finished the action whose director was splendid Cesc Fabregas.

By the end of the match, the Spaniards made Russians start from the center of the field one more time, in the 83rd minute. Again, asistant was youthful member of Arsenal, Cesc Fabregas, whose throw in to the penalty box David Silva packed up for Russians.

Cesc and Silva

It has happened in the moments when Russia was completely open and when they were vulnerable from the counter attack.


The duel of two great opponents, looked all together, unfortunately wasn’t the spectacle for remembrance and the reason of that was and perishingly annoying rain which made everything much harder for players.

Russians played the entire game in some kind of twitch, in awe obviously acquired in the first round, when they fell through from the same opponent with 4:1

But, even the Spaniards weren’t much more leisured, Luis Aragones also decided to play more gingerly, awared that the Russian can easily rise in the air and run over their opponents as they did against Sweden and Holland.

And in the end, it has shown that that awareness and attention was highly payable, Russians were threatening rarely, all their blades became dull, and especially invincible was srtictly guarded Andrej Arshavin, so far, maybe even the best player of the tournament.

All in all, Spain completely deservedly fought out the finals, tactically entirely outflanking the rivals, and as one of the key moments, I would sort out the injury of David Villa, who had to leave the field already in the 33rd minute. Instead of him, Cesc Fabregas came in, after what Furia gained more on a ball possession and the strenght in the middle of the field, what has showed as an insurmountable obstacle for the Russians.


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