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What Happened To Loyalty In Football? Don’t ask Modric, Van Persie or Clint Dempsey

As the season begins once more the topic of loyalty in football has come into question on numerous occasions over the summer break. After last season’s fiasco concerning Manchester City starlet Carlos Tevez you would have thought teams and players may have learnt their lessons and approached the up-coming season with a little more dignity and respect for each other, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The summer has been dominated by players such as Luka Modric, Robin Van Persie and Clint Dempsey vying for moves away from a club they are contracted to in pursuit of either a higher wage salary or a chance to perform on the grandest stages of them all. Who could argue the fact that it provides great entertainment value for the general public and gives newspaper columnists a field day, but the fact of the matter is that these players agreed to sign a contract for a certain length of time and now they are failing to adhere to the terms and conditions of these contracts. It just goes to show how much football has changed over the years with clubs having little control over their players anymore with the interference of agents and club officials enticing the players with tantalizing offers that they simply will not refuse.

The only way i can describe the Carlos Tevez saga from last season was farcical, with the player even daring to take a vacation mid-way through the season to push for a move away from his club. I don’t know about anybody else but if i was another club and saw this occurring would i really want to gamble a sack load of money on a player who has this kind of ‘prestigious’ loyalty. The answer seemed to be a resounding no as Carlos Tevez remains a Manchester City player and seems to have been welcomed home with open arms like nothing had ever happened.

In comparison to this the players of this season are not even in the same league, however with Clint Dempsey refusing to play for his club ever again it is heading along the same route. I can accept players who request a transfer from a club due to possibly being homesick or even craving a new challenge, but it should be up to the club to decide whether they want to sell them, not players demanding the club transfer them to a new club and having a strop resembling that of a six year old child who has been told it is bed time. It is a similar story with Luka Modric, granted a world class performer that may be of a greater quality than numerous members of the Tottenham squad, however refusing to travel with your team on a pre-season tour is a bridge too far in my opinion. These players are seen as role models to many youngsters around the world, and what message are their actions sending across to these youngsters. The answer to that question is clear, they are basically telling them that if things do not go their way then they should dig there foot in the ground and refuse to co-operate.

In conclusion i believe that football governing bodies must work together to eradicate this problem from the footballing world, whether it be by introducing match bans or increasing the fines placed on the players i do not know but it is clear for everybody to see that this is a big problem in the world of football and it is tarnishing the beautiful game, taking the attention away from the array of talent that can be seen by the viewing audience and instead focusing it on a couple of self obsessed players who think the world owes them a favour.



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