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Hull City Tigers: The Start of a New Era?

Being an avid supporter of Hull City A.F.C, the possibility of a new name change sickens me. For the outsiders, here’s a quick overview:

Dr Assem Allam has come to Hull, and lived here for around 45 years I believe, and for many of those years, he has played the city of Hull like a game of Monopoly. He buys what he wants, when he wants, and he does whatever to get what he wants. Now, I’m not anti-Allam, but I’m certainly not pro-Allam.

With Hull recently being promoted from the Npower Championship in the 2012/13 season, Dr Allam now believes changing the name of the club will ‘boost revenue from Asia and other continents’, effectively he’s trying to make Hull a worldwide brand, and let’s be honest, we’re not Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, etc… of the footballing world. Therefore, the name change with have little to no effect in Asia and surrounding areas around the world. Here’s a situation; you go up to a football loving, young, local Thai boy, and ask him: “Who are Manchester United or do you know Hull City Tigers better?”, the obvious answer in the Red Devils. The brand would not be able to compete with the other global football brands.

Secondly, Hull City A.F.C were founded in 1904, there is a 110 years worth of history within the name, it goes with the cliche, ‘behind every name there’s a story’, well, in fact, yes there is. The name means a lot to the fans and the public, so in no small way are the supporters going to let the name change without a turn of the head. Course, there will be mobs of meathead protesters joining in for a scrap, but most of the ‘City Till We Die’ organisation are true, good old English football loving fans. Not only the history, but it will affect the next generation, what happens if they never know the Hull City A.F.C that fought through cold Tuesday night battles with Rochdale at Spotland. All they will know is, Hull City Tigers, a golden generation that have only ever seen the positive things to happen to Hull – the football club and the City itself.

To conclude, I am encouraging any supporter of Hull City A.F.C to defend the name, and battle to keep it, as really in the long run it may not even have a major effect that’s worth all of the hassle.

By Tom Patey

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