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Karim Benzema is wanted at Arsenal

Karim Benzema is French and plays the striker position and currently remains high on the Arsene Wenger’s wish-list as he is looking to foster his striking options before the commencement of the new season.

Rumour mill’s claim that Arsene Wenger has reached out to the striker and engaged with him in a move to the Emirates English Premier League Club. The Spanish paper “El Confidencial” wrote that Karim Benzema didn’t say “no” to the Arsene Wenger preposition.

Reports emerging from various English and Spanish sources link Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger to a 46 million pound Benzema move to the Emirate’s side. However, the same reports also indicate that Manchester United are also harbouring interests in picking the striker.

Credible sources also indicate that Rafa Benitez is hard at work on his pre-season tactics. Meanwhile, Gareth Bale is likely to be positioned at the striker position, and such a move would leave Karim Benzema out in the cold.

The thing is, Arsene Wenger might also have to wait until the end of the transfer window for the Real Madrid Club Spanish side to deliberate whether they wish to sell Karim Benzema.

The French striker is a twenty-seven-year-old who formerly played for Lyon Star, and Real Madrid may still have intentions of keeping him on their team.

The Karim Benzema Move

It’s not a secret that the English Football Premier Side (Arsenal) covets the French Striker. The question is whether the football club will succeed in getting him away from the Spanish league football side “Real Madrid”.

Arsene Wenger has stated his interested and asked that he be kept in the loop in regards to the striker’s future. Karim’s future is a matter of speculation every summer since the twenty-seven-year-old player has been in the Spanish side for six years, and he remains under contract till 2019.

News from the Spanish capital indicate that the Gunners (Arsenal FC) is highly targeting to acquire Karim Benzema this summer as the English club is keen on adding a World Class forward to their side.

The Spanish Newspaper “El Confidencial” went ahead and wrote that Arsenal’s manager “Arsene Wenger”, phones Karim and talked with him about a transfer to the English club.

The paper also claims that the French striker opted to stay put at the Real Madrid Spanish football club but didn’t say no to Arsene Wenger.

The Spanish paper went on to write that the striker was open to moving from one league to the next more so if he will be frozen from the central striker position at his current club.

More reports indicate that Karim Benzema is likely to follow in Mesut Ozil’s footsteps as the transfer deal would likely materialize at the deadline of the transfer window. The Arsenal FC manager is waiting to know whether he will be in luck of purchasing the player.

Arsene Wenger’s Remarks to Karim Benzema Move Rumours

The now Emirates Arsenal Football Club manager “Arsene Wenger” addressed a press conference and stated that a move for the French striker “Benzema” to the English Club is not happening now.

He, however, voiced that if would within the transfer window period find an exceptional player to strengthen his Arsenal squad he would move swiftly to purchase the player. Arsene Wenger added that the club was not ruling out another signing, and the club is not guaranteeing that it is willing to buy more players.

In his final remark, Arsene Wenger declared that as the manager, he is content with the current squad and his buying of another player is dependent on what talent is in the market!

This article was written by professional sports writer Tony Samboras. As a long time Arsenal fan Tony always enjoys writing about one of his favorite teams and is looking forward to seeing how this years transfers will play out. Tony’s work can be found online at a website dedicated to free bets and free betting at

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