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Manchester City’s Joe Hart Needs All The Help He Can Get

Last weekend Joe Hart made another blunder by racing out off his line only for Nastasic who had the ball in control to nod it pass him and allow Torres in to score the winner. This would be the seventh such mistake which has cost his team a goal or a game, although I would personally write off the game against Munich because they way they are playing at the moment you would need an army tank to try and stop them.

It is fair to be critical of Hart for what happened on Sunday. We are football fans and we all have our opinion. Hart of all people should know that. Some even partially blame Nastasic for not seeing the goalkeeper out of his box and reacting to the situation before him. I don’t by onto that at all. I would believe that almost every defender would do and has done in the past what Nastasic did and head a ball which was in control back to his keeper. Most keepers would have expected that he would have done it and stayed where they are to collect the ball in their hands.

However Joe Hart is, in my opinion the best England keeper, the best keeper in the Premier League and, I will leave this open for debate, the best in the world right now. He has proven himself in the past what he is capable of doing and still holds that ability. When a goalkeeper makes a mistake it usually results in a goal being conceded unlike in other areas of the pitch where midfielders and defenders lose the ball they have someone behind them or beside them to cover. The keeper has no such luxury. As a result it can lead to a loss of confidence not just in himself but all who is around him and more importantly the manager.

And that is the predicament that Hart now finds himself in, that could cost him his place in the team and the confidence of a nation gear for World Cup success. But it’s not the only problem he has. Man City are not a team to nurture players in though times. They are not a team who build for the future while promoting young players in their prime to bring success to the club. They buy players full stop. Then they hire managers who pick the team full stop.

Manuell Pellegrini is not well renowned for his skill of bringing on young players in the same manner that both Arsene Wenger and Alex Fergusion have done over a many number of years. So I would have my doubts as to whether he will keep faith in Hart in light of the past few mistakes that he has made.  He certainly didn’t fully back Hart in any post match interview from the game on Sunday.

And that not what Joe Hart needs. What he needs is a manager to walk into the dressing room and kick lumps out him for his stupidity in front of all the players. He needs to know how his mistake has cost the team. The next day in training he needs to be shown the video of the game and shown how and asked to explain why he made the decision he did. Then he should be brought out to the training ground after the manager and the coaching staff have had a word with him telling how much they believe in his ability and how much he needs now more than ever to go out and show what he can do.

To be fair Man City fans aren’t too critical because they know who much of a world class player he is and what he gives the team when those spectacular shots come at him. Those fans are used to seeing their team bounce up and down the league while their neighbours have been moping up titles and trophies. Joe Hart should know he has the support of the bright blue Etihad Stadium now all he needs his support and guidance from club and country.

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