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Manchester United are Rising Again

A 26 year old legacy came to an end at the end of last season when Sir Alex Ferguson stepped down from being the manager of Manchester United. Air filled with uncertainty surrounded Old Trafford as to who will take up the daunting task of replacing Sir Alex. After few weeks the United board appointed David Moyes, manager of Everton, to take up the reigns left by Sir Alex. He smiled away his first press conference but only he knew the momentous task ahead of him from the first day he took charge of United.

Moyes was bound to come under criticism even if he finished the season with a trophy. Comparisons with the legend, Sir Alex are always inevitable. But he had to be ready to face them all and he was determined to silence everybody and to prove to the world and to himself that he is the right man for the job.
The comparisons and criticisms started at the very beginning of the pre-season world tour when United lost to two developing teams, when they are expected not just to win but to win big. David Moyes took it all and even he did not know what was going wrong and he fielded his best possible XI but still they just managed a draw. The voices of the critics grew louder and louder with each passing match that United failed to win.

The premier league season started and Moyes’ first match in charge couldn’t have gone better with united beating Swansea 4-1 and gave themselves a kick start ahead of the new season. But the coming fixtures did not go according to plan as they lost to Liverpool ,Man city and West Brom and drew against Chelsea and Southampton. A dismal run of results had the critics shouting harder. And people predicted that this will surely be the season that they finally see united fall.

Even during Sir Alex’s time as the manager of United, people predicted year after year that this will be the end of united.
They said “United are finished” after Sir Matt Busby left
They said “United are finished” after Eric Cantona retired
They said “United are finished” after David Beckham left
They said “United are finished” after Cristiano Ronaldo left

But each and every bloody time Sir Alex went against the odds and proved them wrong. And it takes some special talent and mindset to repeat what he has achieved. Even now our manager is facing a similar task as to what Sir Alex has faced. But the manager has coped well with everything as far as now.
As we keep reading again and again about how everything is falling apart for united, well if we look closely, it is not that bad for united. We are into the quarter-finals of the capital one cup and we are sitting on top of the group table in the UEFA Champions League after being unbeaten in 3 matches played thus far. We sit 8th in the league table and this might raise a few eyebrows but if you look closely, we are just 3 points behind 2nd place, after all this is the English Premier League where everyone can beat everyone.

Comparing this to last year, we were 1st in the league table and 1st in our champions league group and we were already knocked out of the capitol one cup. More or less David Moyes has managed to replicate last year, its just that the other teams have got more stronger and we have failed in that prospect which is something the board should be questioned rather than Moyes.

So until now Moyes has done a decent job as the manager of United, keeping in mind the immense pressure he was under. So the fans who have already changed clubs or started to hate our manager, can please not support us or sing our praises when we win a trophy this season if not the next. Because if you guys can’t support us when we are down…..PLEASE don’t support us when we win because you guys don’t deserve to celebrate with us.

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