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Manchester United’s David Moyes has a tough challenge ahead

Even two years before Sir Alex Ferguson retired as manager of Manchester United, rumours suggested that the race to become his successor would be between two men. These two men were Jose Mourinho and David Moyes. As we now of course know, the latter got the job. Sir Alex had a major part to play in appointing his successor, and, in my opinion, his voice was heard by the owners louder than any other members of the board or the club hierarchy.

When Sir Alex eventually did step down, Moyes was quickly drafted in. It was then obvious that there was much deliberation months before the manager retired. At first United fans were happy to accept David as the new manager especially as Sir Alex had asked them in a post-match speech to respect him. The reasons to believe in Moyes were obvious. A great record as Everton manager had proved that he has quality as a manager even more so when you take into account that he had hardly any money to spend and in order to invest in any new players he had to sell others to get the money. As well as this he is Scottish and although Sir Alex and some of the fans would decline to admit this was surely another factor as to why he was chosen for succession. United fans were delirious as surely they thought this meant many more years of success and happiness.

However when he officially took over on July 1st things started to become a bit more real. At first Moyes seemed eager to make signings and really put his print on the football club. We expected new ideas, new signings and most of all, a new era. However one and a bit months on United fans are already questioning him. He has failed to sign anybody yet and although there has been speculation in the media that they are close to signing Fabregas this has failed to materialise. We keep hearing reports from Barcelona that Fabregas is unhappy with the amount of football he is getting from Barca, and Moyes has talked up the deal but he hasn’t finalised it yet and this could be one of the reasons why United fans are growing increasingly unhappy with him.

United may also lose Wayne Rooney as well as Chelsea are extremely interested in him and he himself wants to move out of Manchester due to his sour relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson who is still at the club as a member of the board and ambassador. If they lose him they do still have Robin Van Persie who is another main reason why Rooney wants to leave especially as David Moyes said in pre-season that he would be second best to Robin but is Robin Van Persie who is a fantastic goalscorer Wayne Rooney? No. He doesn’t have the team-play expertise or defensive and creative attributes that Wayne Rooney has so United will miss Rooney immensely.

All of this and the fact that other teams have strengthened well especially Chelsea and Manchester City leads us to believe that David Moyes has certainly got a challenge. And although pre-season results aren’t important they are sometimes a good judge as to how a team will do in the proper season and United’s pre season performances have been embarrassing against mediocre sides. David Moyes really does have a long, hard, and judgemental season ahead of him.

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