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Mourinho to Manchester United: How much of it is true and how much of it is his Agent?

Ever since the “special one” was sacked with Chelsea one point above the relegation zone, the rumour windmill started spreading news that he was destined to take over at United. Firstly we were meant to believe that sacking Van Gaal was eminent and that Alex Ferguson’s throne was soon to be occupied by the Portuguese, and when that turned out to be untrue, we started reading that Mou is being lined up for next season. This coincided with the sports’ news gossip sections being flooded with stories that he has already rejected Real Madrid twice during Rafa’s final days at the helm, which is highly unlikely considering the unceremonious manner with which he left the Spanish capital, and considering Florentino Perez’s track record of not re-hiring any of his many sacked managers.

It is common knowledge that the United job was and continues to be Mou’s dream post, and that despite his availability when Ferguson retired he was never considered for the job, due to his dis-appealing personal attitude and style of play to the higher echelons of the united hierarchy of which Sir Bobby Charlton was the most outspoken. Additionally his failure to go beyond three seasons in any of his jobs, and inability to build a dynasty or meaningfully and consistently develop young players in any of his clubs, is a stark contrast to the model that United wanted to lay. Moreover United, after the departure of Moyes, seem to have decided that they want to follow-suit the blueprint that was initially laid by Barcelona when they appointed Guardiola, and recently adopted by Real Madrid in promoting Zidane after progressing through the coaching ranks of the club, and possibly Man City in propelling the management career of Vierra. And Whilst a manager like LVG who was contemplating retirement after the world cup would be more than happy to groom his successor, as he hinted on multiple occasions, a 52 years old in the pinnacle of his managerial career like Mr Mourinho is very unlikely to buy into this project.

So where do those stories stem from. Van Gaal said that they are invented by sections in the media, yet the more logical explanation is that they have their roots in the Mourinho camp. When the papers came out with the “United job is mine” headline, they clearly attributed it to the Portuguese “telling his friends” and his friends which one would assume include his Super Agent Jorge Mendes inadvertently fed it to the journalists. Similarly all the previous rumours including the imminent mid-season sacking of Van Gaal could possibly originate from the same sources to exploit the visible discontent among the fans of the red half of Manchester, and put pressure on the club’s directors by portraying the two times champions league winner as a saviour and a must happen appointment.

But what if United missed on champions league qualification and decided to hand LVG his P45, surely then Jose will be his natural heir some would say. Actually the more “natural” choice if they decide to overlook Giggs would be Mauricio Pochettino. The Tottenham man plays attractive attacking football of the type that United’s fans long for. Moreover he has an excellent track record of developing young talents, and those attributes have not gone unnoticed at united, if what the local Tottenham MP said is anything to go by. David Lammy revealed that SAF told him that they have the “best manager in the premiere league”. The Argentine who would have gladly received the veteran manager’s compliment would also be aware that if the White Heart Lane outfit are to move stadia by the end of this or the next season, then they are probably going to endure a difficult term financially. He will then have a choice between doing an Arsene Wenger and sticking with the north London club in their hard times, or jumping ship when a better chance arises especially with Daniel Levy’s record of ever blaming managers for any shortcomings and being so trigger happy. The way that Pochettino would take should be easily guessed by what his “friends” start throwing into the gossip columns if that situation occurs.

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