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Nightmares For Manchester United’s Moyes In The Theatre Of Dreams

There is one point that alot of people haven’t quiet brought to light when it comes to David Moyes. When it was announced last May that he would replace an icon and a giant in the game few really had any argument as to why he shouldn’t have got the job.

There was no doubt in my mind that Moyes was the natural successor for Man Utd. He had all the similar traits and characteristics of the man he was about to replace. He was the third longest serving manager in the Premier League up until that point and that in itself is no small feat when you take a look at other clubs around them who change managers on a whim.

So when he did get the job all eyes were on Old Trafford to see what life would be like with out Sir Alex Ferguson at the helm. Everyone was waiting to see what he would do in the transfer window, how would he manage Rooney and what background changes would he make to the staff at the club. Sadly however he has failed in two of those three key areas in the summer and he and Man Utd are suffering as a result.

I’m not one for calling for heads after only fifteen games in charge because that is silly but it is acceptable to be critical of their position. But Moyes has less time to turn around the fortunes if the club than Ferguson did when he first took over. Times have changed from the days when Ferguson first took charge and managers are quickly been shown the door on a regular basis because clubs, boards and fans demand succes especially when the teams around them are moving quickly and spending money so as not to get caught out in the cold.

There are pundits who still believe that Man Utd are still an attractive club to go to for players but why then in the summer did Moyes fail to land his targets such as Fabregas and Herrera. Already Moyes is finding it difficult so imagine what would happen if failing to qualify for the champions league would do to the squad. You need only look at Liverpool for an example what happens.

The one point, as I mentioned earlier, that everyone seems to miss is that actually David Moyes should have found taking of the role a lot easier than he has. If you look at any top team around the world and in the Premier League who, although change managers regularly, bring someone new in to the fold everything the need to move forward is already at the club ready and waiting. Take Man City for example when they brought Pellegrini in. The club has finances, a back room staff, facilities and most important a pretty decent squad that, like most clubs in the summer, needed to be strengthened. The same would go for Chelsea and so on

Man Utd are very different to these clubs in the way they are run, no doubt. They are a club steeped in history and think long term when it comes to achieving things. They are not likely to change managers every year like Man City or Chelsea. You can tell they have a long standing history because very few other clubs have an old crest on the managers jacket like an Oxford boys school. But Moyes did have everything he needed for any new manager to take over the role left by Ferguson.

He should have been like a kid in a candy store when it came to the transfer market. He had finances available to him that he only could dream about at Everton. It was one of the factors that many believed was holding up real progress that Everton could have achieved. But instead he messed up and managed to over pay the asking price for Fellaini, who to both Everton and Man Utd fans and myself believed couldn’t really ever improve the Utd’s midfield.

He had also had a heavily experienced back room staff whom Ferguson trusted, successfully, to coach and run training sessions with. But he chose to ignore them and bring in his own with the likes of Phil Neville who only just retired from football and has no experience coaching let alone coaching at a top club. Introducing Ryan Giggs who is still playing himself and also with no experience was never bound to work. There was nothing wrong with bringing them in but there was nothing wrong with keeping what was there already for at least a year in order to give himself a chance to get used to things at Old Trafford.

Moyes needs to recognise that he is no longer at Everton and is at a much bigger club. Such is the results at the moment that he is now more concerned about what everyone thinks of him rather than him taking charge. He eluded to it in his post match press conference when he mentioned he should have taken Van Persie off after 70 mins but said the crowd would get on his back if he did. If he is more worried about that than running the team he is in for a long hard season.

All eyes are on Old Trafford for the remainder of the season and in particular in January to see what Moyes will do to improve the squad. He must. Top four is now an absolute minimum for Man Utd. The title is in no doubt out of reach at this stage baring a miracle. I hope Moyes does get the time and I think he should as he is on a new learning curve but he has made things a nightmare for himself.

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