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My Outlook on The Aaron Ramsey Incident & The Arsenal Accusations

This is my first blog in a very long time but after the comments I have seen on message boards, social network sites and people from Arsenal F.C. since this tragic accident are outrageous and disgraceful!.

I’m a huge Stoke supporter and likely to get the ‘your been biased’ etc but I’m a huge football fanatic. The injury to Aaron Ramsey is heart breaking for the lad because of the age and talent he has could all be finished before he’s even into his 20’s; however pictures all show that Ramsey with or without an extra contact would have had certain leg damage with 1 picture seeming to show that his leg was broken before any contact was made.

Arsene Wenger has been the biggest critic of Stoke ever since the first league encounter with his men last season; describing Stoke as ugly, unskilful etc. In a interview after the match he said that the three match ban Shawcross will get as “just ridiculous” – are you an idiot Mr. Wenger? your the most paranoid and hypocritical manager in this league by far what about the incident vs Bolton just a few weeks back?; Where Mark Davies was clattered in to by Gallas in a violent way and could of seriously injured the player just as much as Ramsey’s did; What did you say? “I am sorry if the tackle was not good, and I apologise. However, to complain that we went on to play, I think that is unfair.” – funny how you didn’t see the incident when a player of your’s could of seriously damaged another players career but if it’s the other way around you call for them to be kicked out of ball etc. But making life more difficult for such a young player is disgraceful by calling for his head to be banned for longer and even getting kicked out of the game.

The Arsenal Players – you should be disgraced with yourself; who was the first and last person to leave Ramsey’s side? Glenn Whelan – a Stoke player; but the two players who I’m going to moan about are  Sol Campbell & Cesc Fabregas  all you two wanted to do is get Shawcross sent off and did not care about the welfare of your team mate there is video evidence to prove this with Campbell screaming at the ref to get him off and Fabregas hounding him to get the red card out. The worst thing to come out of an Arsenal players mouth is from Bendtner he said “It was a terrible, totally mad tackle from Ryan Shawcross, and he is really smashing hard into Aaron.” – NO HE DIDN’T! check the replays, check the pictures; it was a 50:50 ball (with Shawcross closer to the ball) Shawcross goes in whole-heartedly with Ramsey’s studs stuck into the floor with him landing on his ankle in a bad way it was just pure accidental; what would they be saying if Ryan broke his leg in the same fashion?; bet that would be an accident.

The Arsenal Fans – When Shawcross was walking off the pitch in tears; numerous amounts of your ‘supporters’ tried to get on the pitch to physical assault him and then all over the forums brand us as thugs?; just like your manager – hypocritical. On Facebook there was even a group to get Shawcross killed; so technically that’s a prison sentence for conspiracy of murder. So think again before doing these things on these Social Network sites.

What’s next for Ryan? – He’ll be training at Arsenal’s training ground with the England squad; this could be the make or break of his career and will know more come Wednesday against Egypt if he’s emotionally over the event or not; Ryan Shawcross is one of England’s hottest prospects but this accident could stop his reputation and start going on a slippery slope; thankfully for Ryan is that he has 2 of the best man managers in Capello and Pulis with also experience people of Peter Reid, Gerry Francis & John Rudge to support him through this highly emotional time. I hope the England boys will make him feel welcome and also try to support him and players like David Beckham, Steven Gerrard & John Terry’s words of wisdom could help the youngster.

Everyone is behind you Ryan 100% and if the chance comes along on Wednesday then show everyone what a quality player you are.

My rant is done; bit sketchy but the right mixture is there. Thanks for reading.



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