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Overture in the game

The smallest spark was enough, in this case a bit stronger cracker, and fists started working, and than bottles. Hundred the most pugnacious on each side were split only by more intensive police intervention.

firstly a joke

Fans in chequered shirts occupied the center of Vienna around midday, and they were numerically dominant over Turkish fans. After 2 pm, at Stefansplatz, center Vienna square, the number of fans in jerseys of Galatasaray and Fenerbahce and red Turkish shirts got larger.

Started the bout with cheering, but before 3 pm someone from the Turkish mass threw a cracker towards the Croatia fans, which caused a loud explosion. That provoked reaction of Croats, who rushed on Turks.



Fists fight was temporary prevented by there present Austrian police officers, but hundred of the most warlike continued to throw bottles on the opposition group of fans. The reinforcement was called up and only with the arrival of the emergency policemen the situation calmed down.

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