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Premier League Contenders 2013/2014 – Manchester City, Chelsea or Arsenal?

This year’s Premier League I believe anyway will be the most intense Premier League to date, the main reason for this is the amount of teams that are serious title contenders this time around. In this article I will be talking about all the teams that have a serious shot at winning this prestigious title and becoming champions.

1: Manchester City; If I mentioned this team before 2009 I would’ve been laughed at by many people in the football universe. But ever since the year of 2009 they have went from laughing stocks to serious title contenders due to the fact that millions of pounds has been pumped into the club over the past 4 years. City have since been able to bring in some of the biggest names in world football such as Aguero, Silva, Negredo, Jovetić, Kompany, Touré and many more extremely talented players so obviously city are going to be somewhere on this list, this year I believe they are even more of a threat though with the purchase of Fernandinho from Shakhtar Donetsk and also the strike duo of Stevan Jovetić and Álvaro Negredo they are a force to be reckoned with this year, and with their recent 4-1 win away to west ham they are climbing up the table and are currently in fifth place. So with a solid squad and a decent manager in Manuel Pellegrini they are looking like serious title contenders again this year.

2: Arsenal; Arsenal this season are looking like a completely new squad from the one we seen last year struggle to achieve 4th place and this is the reason why they get on this list. The first reason I believe they are serious contenders for the Premier league crown is the addition of the ‘king of assists’ Mesut Özil, this is the type of player Arsenal fans have been craving for Wenger to buy over the past few years and surely he has shown his intent to win trophies this year by buying such a player. Not only can he bring assists to the team which in turn will help Giroud score goals and show why Wenger wanted him as a replacement for Robin Van Persie, but he himself can also score many goals for arsenal as he has done in previous years with Real Madrid and also be a leader on the pitch by bringing the winning mentality he had with Real to North London.

Another reason I believe they are serious title contenders is because of the recent turn around in form of one Aaron Ramsey. As we have seen this season the young Welshman is on fire with the amount of goals he’s scoring and also how he is affecting players like Giroud in a positive way so he will also score goals. I believe if he keeps his form up and keeps on scoring goals, it can only end in good results for us. The final reason I believe Arsenal are contenders is the solid defensive partnership of Laurent Koscielny and Per Mertesacker. Last season was the season when Mertesacker shined and when Wenger played Koscielny alongside him they proved to be one of the best defensive partnerships in the league last season. So all in all I believe with the depth Arsenal have in each position and key players playing well they are serious contenders this year for the title.

3: Tottenham Hotspur; this team in my opinion are the surprise contenders for this year’s title, they look like a team that can really challenge for the title with the squad they have. With solid players in almost every position and the addition of some big players such as Lamela, Soldado, Paulinho and Eriksen they are looking each year a stronger more solid team that also play well together. All of these players are proved goal scorers and play makers with Soldado who scored 30 goals in all competitions last year for Valencia and the young Eriksen who can set up great plays and also beat players in one-on-ones with ease as we seen him do numerous times with Ajax, I strongly believe Spurs have one of the strongest squads in the league this year. Although results may have not gone there way recently with a 3-0 loss at White Hart Lane to west-ham I really think they have a good enough squad to push on and win the games that they are expected to win but also against some of the big teams like Chelsea or Manchester City. They certainly are a team to watch this season and with the shoot stopper Hugo Lloris in goal it doesn’t look like many goals will be scored on their side either.

4: Chelsea; This team I am sure has been mentioned in every Premier League title contenders list out there since the Abramovich era started back in 2003. With consistently good league finishes every year and brilliant players always coming into Chelsea (and very rarely leaving) they obviously will be there or thereabouts each year. But this year they have something special, literally. That is for all those living under a cave the return of ‘the special one’ José Mourinho. Re-joining Chelsea last year from Madrid provided Chelsea with a boost in confidence for players, management and fans alike and brought back the style of play that won them two league titles. Despite currently sitting 2nd behind Arsenal bwin football still have the Blues as 2/1 favourites to win the title.

Mourinho invested heavily in the transfer market this season brining in top quality players like Eto’o whom Mourinho had playing under him at Inter Milan and can also provide any team with that goal scoring threat, Willian from Anzhi Makhachkala who on top of scoring goals can assist very well and set up game-changing plays for Chelsea and André Schürrle from Bayer Leverkusen making 34 appearances for the club at the young age of twenty one scoring 11 goals and making 7 assists for the club. Not only will the new players I mentioned make an impact but the old boys at the club such as Lampard, Čech and Terry will prove to be crucial in Chelsea’s title fight this year. Chelsea who have depth in almost every position and players who play very well together currently sit second in the league, level on points with Liverpool and will only improve over the course of the season providing a challenge for every team in the league.

5: Manchester United; After Alex Ferguson retired this year ex Everton manager David Moyes was put in charge to replace Sir Alex. With massive pressure put on Moyes to replace the mighty Ferguson things have not been what the fans expected to be over the past few months. With very little transfer activity and the almost panic like purchase of Fellaini for a whopping 27.5 million pounds and also United’s worst start to a Premier League season in 24 years things have not been going swimmingly for the Scotsman. This brings me to the question are they good enough this year to challenge some of the teams who have all improved there squads over the summer to catch up with United’s title winning squad of last season? I think the answer is yes, I believe the main problem for David Moyes is that he hasn’t found his Ideal starting XI. Moyes has world class talent at the club and with the amount of good players that there are at the club it is hard to judge who plays well together. With Van Persie who has been quiet this season compared to his other seasons you would think this would be second shot striker Javier Hernandez’s chance to shine.

If David Moyes may be played him as a standalone striker with Rooney maybe behind him would United’s fortune up front change? Anyway this is a question for another day, so why do I think they are title contenders if I just seemingly shot them down? Well I believe theirs light at the end of the tunnel this season for United, Moyes has a very strong squad all in all and I believe eventually he will find his best eleven also I think Fellani who has not really proved his worth in gold at United will eventually shine at the club as he has a lot of potential to become one of the best around. All United really need is one or two wins and that will turn the tide in their favour. So there overall strong squad and players like Rooney and also Van Persie who will keep on scoring and also the squad potential for me puts them as contenders for the title every team will be fighting for this year.

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