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Is Premier League Manager Recycling Hurting The England National Side?

Ever notice a familiar trend in the Premier League with the firing and hiring of managers? Once a manger is fired then the same list of managers come out and it is always the usual suspects; Eriksson, Curbishley, O’Neill, Hughes, Keane and Benitez?

Now granted since the start of the season two of those names have been taken off the list after Sunderland and QPR went looking for new managers before the halfway point of the season. But what happens if another Premier League feels that the man choosing the starting XI every Saturday (or Sunday) is not the right fit for them, then what? Whom do they hire?

They seem to hire other teams garbage. Why does a manager who has failed before receive another chance? Take Mark Hughes for example. Why did QPR decide to hire him after letting Neil Warnock go? Outside of his dismissal at Manchester City (which he didn’t deserve), what has he actually accomplished when managing in the Premier League? Yes he led Blackburn to 7th before leaving for City, but he then quit Fulham after achieving nothing and then was hired by QPR less than a year later.

Why are new managers only given a chance if they promote a side to the Premier League? And then somehow forgotten if the side gets relegated back into the Championship? There are lots of young managers in the lower divisions who you would imagine one day wish to manage a team in the top flight but how will they ever get there?

If you believe everything you read about England, then Fabio Capello will be gone after Euro 2012 and Harry Redknapp will be his replacement. If Harry does leave Spurs to manage England and is replaced by someone who was not born in England, then barring no other manager changes only 15% of managers in the Premier League will be from England.

Some at The FA and supporters of England feel that the manager of England should always be English, and if that is the case where do they go if (and this is a big if) Harry Redknapp turns out to be the wrong man for the England job? Can you name 5 good English candidates? Or even 3? Or even 1?

This is unfortunately the problem with clubs in the Premier League recycling managers and not giving managers in the lower leagues time and patience to succeed or fail on their own merit. It seems to be the need to hire a manager who had managed in the EPL because they will be the one to keep them from relegation, and they seem to hire based on fear, rather than based on what is best for the club in the long term, and that lack of giving new managers a chance could be a big downfall for England in years to come.

Now granted if Capello leads England to victory at Euro 2012, or Redknapp wins the World Cup in 2014 then my viewpoint will be forgotten because England will have their trophy and winning does cure all that ails you.

Although most Premier League recycled managers have not won anything.

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