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Promoted Trio In Danger Of Instant Championship Return

The lead-up to the opening weekend of the new Premier League season was a time for good feeling, excitement, and a chance to dream of a successful campaign for Burnley, Sheffield United, and Luton. Unfortunately for fans of the trio of clubs that had enjoyed promotion last year, the 2023/24 campaign has already turned into a nightmare.

Pundits predicted a tough season for each of the promoted sides, but they, like everyone else, could not have imagined exactly how much the teams have struggled. Surprisingly it is playoff winners, Luton, that have performed best and they are the only ones that find themselves out of the relegation zone, although only for Everton’s points deduction, The Hatters would also be camped in the bottom three.

How Bad Have The Teams Been?


Last season’s runaway Championship winners have lost the spark that brought them success last year, and with every game that comes, they are at bigger and bigger odds for those brave enough to include them in their Premier League bets.

Vincent Kompany’s team are currently propping up the league table, having managed just one victory in their first 13 games and find themselves one the favourites to go straight back down in the Premier League relegation odds.

Kompany still seems to have the backing of the owners and fans at Turf Moor, although if things continue in the same vein, patience may run thin with the former Man City captain.

Sheffield United

Similar to Burnley, Sheffield United have just one win to their name this season and they have suffered some humiliating defeats, most notably the shocking 8-0 home loss to Newcastle. The Blades have endured a torrid time financially recently, and this has had a huge effect on the playing squad at Bramall Lane.

Some of the players at the club have proved themselves not to be up to the challenge of Premier League football, and a quick return to the second tier seems to be very likely.

Luton Town

Luton have surprised some people with their performances thus far. Victories over Everton and Crystal Palace were important, whilst the draw with Liverpool and the narrow loss to Man Utd, proved that The Hatters can be competitive when at their best.

Like Sheffield United, Luton’s squad is devoid of proven Premier League players, but one thing that they do have is a strong work ethic and steely determination. These attributes will be important as they look to stay in the top division for a second season running.

Everton’s Punishment A Big Help

One thing that may give the three clubs a helping hand this season is Everton’s 10-point deduction due to breaking financial fair play rules. The punishment has been described as being on the harsh side, but fans of Burnley, Sheffield United, and Luton will not be feeling bad for their rivals.

Everton had reached a points total of 14 before their deduction kicked in, and they now find themselves sitting in the bottom three and in real danger of falling through the Premier League trapdoor for the first time.

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