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The Clash of the Titans

At least one of the Group C giants will fall on Tuesday night. Both giants may fall if Romania get a favourable result against Holland. After losing against Italy in 2006, France will be determined to get revenge against Italy. Domenech hopes to keep his job by qualifying for the quarter-finals. This would mean that Donadoni would be sacked by Italy. If the opposite happens, I cannot see Domenech staying on, after the criticism he has been receiving from the media ever since he started taking decisions for France. The media would question Raymond’s decision to overlook in-form striker Trezeguet.

But let us talk about that after tonight’s match when we know the outcome of the match. It may be Donadoni who sees the exit door, and I cannot hide that I would love to see that. And it may be both managers who are fired, as a group-stage exit for the World Cup Finalists is simply unacceptable. Bookmakers are putting Italy as favourites to win the match, but still not qualifying after Romania get a win against the 2nd team of Holland. At this stage, it is useless to speculate and predict, as both teams have the potential to win tonight’s match. Both managers have stressed out the importance of tonight’s match in their press conferences:

“This is the kind of game every player dreams of being involved in.” – Raymond Domenech (France)

“We know what’s at stake and we’re ready to put our hearts and souls into it. For us, this is already a final.” – Roberto Donadoni (Italy)

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