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World Cup

The Cost of Winning The 2018 World Cup

Only two more nights to go before this nail-biting World Cup crowns the winning team. Maybe (most likely, let’s be real) you’re still disappointed in England’s loss or trying to decide who to support on Sunday. Or, maybe, you’re now looking around and asking how much does it cost to send a team to the World Cup? If it’s just the latter or all three combined, have a look at this revealing infographic below detailing the costs incurred by the different teams put together by Rydoo.

The estimated average of winning comes in at £144,465, that’s accounting for sending 23 players and one manager to Russia. It also includes travel to and from the host country, accommodation for the duration of the tournament, and three meals a day. For the host country, who’ve already spent a pretty penny preparing for the World Cup, there’s a welcome reduction on costs. Russia’s team will pay the least though not by a lot with a price of £128,998. Uruguay, travelling the furthest, will pay the premium price of £180,421.

Staying in the game can mean a rising bill and for Croatia the number is estimated at £148,191 though France seem to be making a saving on the average with an estimated total bill of £137,305.

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