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No nonsense production makes BBC king of highlights programme

Eventually all bad things come to an end. After ITV’s brief spell of dominance of the terrestrial football highlights package they have, thankfully, returned to doing what they do best- Coronation Street and the Bill.

After the liberation of the Premiership highlights from the awful ramblings of Andy Townsend and his comical Tactics Truck, old Auntie is now showing Football League highlights as well. And what a joy.

No longer do viewers have to witness goals from new-age camera angles such as from the corner flag or in-between the steward’s legs.

Now we have a simple, traditional view from the side of the pitch which show viewers exactley what they want- to see the goal and how it came about.

The higher quality of assessment and knowledge is another area that the BBC excels over its rival channel.

Steve Claridge is the newest of the BBC pundits and although he may have his faults, he comes over as a genuine football enthusiast. Admittedly, he is less articulate and media-friendly than some of his ITV contemporaries, but his comments are often sensible and accurate. Plus he wears nice shirts.

Sky have continued to produce a highlights package for the Football League but it is now reduced to just half an hour. With all 36 matches crammed in it is more overcrowded than Dean Windass’ shorts and is a very poor effort by a broadcaster that prides itself on its sports coverage.

The BBC has the rights until 2012 so for now, and for the next three seasons, highlights programmes are safe from Townsend, tactics trucks and dodgy camera angles.

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