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Too much too soon??

After the disappointment of England’s performance in the World Cup Finals, the focus now has to be on the future and not dwell on the past. What’s done is done, now move on. That’s what Germany did and look where they are now.

I personally feel that everyone from the coaches to the players need to look at themselves. Is the FA doing enough to develop the coaches or are they just getting numbers through the system?? Are the coaches pushing themselves to be the best they can be?? Have the young players got the right attitude to succeed or are we rewarding them too soon??

Harry Redknapp said on Talksport last week that youth player these days don’t clean the senior teams boots, clean the changing rooms or clean the showers. They now have the attitude as if they have made it already, when they haven’t. Youth players these days are on more than a decent weekly wage and they haven’t acheived anything yet.

Are we trying to look after them too much?? It didn’t hurt any of the players that did it in the past, infact it made them more determined to push into the 1st team so that they would have some apprentice clean their boots etc.

Watching young kids coming through the ranks is always a great sight, it’s what football is all about. But there doesn’t seem to be the same determination and drive that young players had in the past. Youth players are demanding 3-4 year contracts before they even played in the 1st team, for example recently Dan Gosling left Everton because he was not happy with the contract terms he was offered. Everton offered to double his wages and to have more chances with the 1st team. He declined the offer and said he wanted garanteed 1st team football, every footballer should earn the right to play not demand. He hasn’t been around long and already slapping out demands like that, is it him or is it the agents??

Perhaps that’s were our game has gone wrong, England have to rebuild for the next few years and it may turn out that they may fail to qualify for major tournaments but this ‘golden generation’ has had its chance and they didn’t take it, weren’t even close. The likes of John Terry have to be axed, he clearly isn’t a respected member of the squad anymore.

There are young, gifted players coming through with the desire to succeed and achieve great things, so it’s not all bad. But all youth players should have the desire, attitude and work ethic to fufill their potential.

But the blame just doesn’t solely focus on the young players, the clubs have to look at themselves and think are we offering them too much too soon??

There are lots of issues that need to be addressed by the FA and Football Clubs up and down the country.

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