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Tottenham’s AVB v The World, Just the Spur They Need

There are a couple of things that I am a bit baffled about when it comes to AVB and his post match press conference, where he had a go at a journalist and Alan Sugar. What baffles me the most is how did he know what Sugar said and why should he care about his opinion. And after why did he find it important to attack Sugar in particular when he is one of many people who had a right to have an opinion about what has been happening with the team.

The other thing that baffles me is what other managers have been saying about his interview with some, such as Sam Alerdyce, giving him advice in what not to do when it comes to confronting those who have been critical of him. AVB, in my opinion had every right to come out and say what he had felt after the 2-2 home draw against Man Utd on Sunday. Spurs had found themselves slowly slipping into a bad slump with their lack of goals and points on the board after a summer spree never before seen at the club.

After the result against Man City the week before all eyes were peering down on the Portuguese manager and his players to see what reaction they would give on Sunday. They found themselves like an underdog fighter beaten into a corner by a larger boxer that is the media and fans alike (including Sugar). That heavy boxer with the speculation mill already eyeing replacements for Levy to digest over, took a step back from its pounding and awaited the reaction of the underdog. And what it got certainly was a reaction

This Spurs team is a new team as we all know and what they did in the summer was the right move by far. They got a lot of money from the sale of Bale in the summer and Levy and co. didn’t sit around and pat themselves on the back on a job well done. They invested. Very heavily indeed. Imagine if Spurs are where they are now not having signed anyone, what the groans and grumbles would be about then. All too often fans and media alike can be a bit too expectant on new players to be an instant hit. And the way this season as panned out so far dropping points this early could prove costly.

Spurs have had good performances so far this season and to be fair on another day it could have been easily a 6 or 7-1 scour line against Newcastle if Tim Krul hadn’t had the game he did on the day. I have watched a spurs a few times and although I do have my opinion on the poor application of tactics, I get the sense that if the team gel together it may kick on and burst into life. I got the feeling that all it needed was something to click within the team like a good result or a last minute winner and we might have actually seen the start if it last weekend

Spurs responded really quiet well against Man Utd and if it were not for them handing two goals back via Walker and a soft penalty after going in front twice they would have won the game and it a bit of style as well. They reacted like a unit and came out fighting from the off and proved that the summer signings as well as the players already there can really push for top four. All the media and fan pressure as well as AVBs reaction after the game may just be that gel that they need to come out fighting against the world as it were.

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