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Tottenham’s Heurelho Gomes says mistakes will happen again

We are constantly hearing of how the narcissistic footballers of today have no end of confidence, pride, show-off-ness and almost everything apart from dignity; not so Tottenham’s Heurelho Gomes. After what has become a “textbook” mistake for the dexterously-questionable goalkeeper, he has openly said that it won’t be his last. While saying this might not be the most inspirational piece of punditry it does strike a contrast to the rest of football. In a game dominated by “The One’s” and “the Messiah’s” I think Gomes’s admittance is many things. Firstly, it’s undeniably correct (as anyone who’s watched a recent game of football involving Spurs can vouch for), it’s also very brave to stick his head above the ego-filled trenches and onto the parapet of likeability. However, the most telling, and important, is the affect it will have on the opposition. While for the Brazilian it may give him some closure and a sense of self-forgiveness, he has effectively painted himself right at the centre of Drogba, Rooney and even Ronaldo’s pin-point accurate dartboard. It may help him, it may console his fans with the thought that he’s actually quite a decent bloke, but by saying anything with a hint of self-derogatory he has effectively sprinkled mint sauce on a helpless sheep, and the wolves are licking their lips. With Tottenhams difficult, wolf-packed (excuse the pun) run-in, they may miss out on another European adventure, but at least Gomes will have time to give his stinging hands a break. He may even take up darts.

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