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The Transfer Deadline day “Circus” approaches

Thursday sees the latest part of the conversion of the Premier League to stage show when “Transfer Deadline Day” hits us. For the last fortnight sky has been bombarding viewers with trailers for Jim White’s 6 monthly on-screen explosion of enthusiasm will excite us all about random moves.

I have to say, the build up of Transfer deadline day has been as worrying as it has been momentous over the years. As an average fan I struggle to get my head around the plain and simple question of why do clubs, players and agents leave everything to a six hour gap on the 31st August and 31st January each year. It’s no wonder prices go through the roof when everyone’s trying to sign a small amount of players via a seemingly large amount of agents and advisors. As a journalist I admit, I can very much see the appeal of it, it’s easy news and a licence to speculate randomly for weeks at a time. There’s nothing better than getting a whisper of transfer of the decade and then causing your own snowball affect on twitter and the likes of.

I don’t think there is an overall fix for the window situation, I have heard many managers the likes of Harry Redknapp, Sam Allardyce, Alan Pardew and any manager with a decent asset in their squad complain about it but what’s the alternative? I remember in my misspent youth players moving here, there and everywhere at a moments notice, I recall my Panini 86 sticker album being out of date by the end of September which isn’t good when you’re mooting for swaps at school!

Looking at what we’re likely to expect on Thursday, well apart from the usual Sky Sports news uber hype from the crack of dawn, I would envisage news of Queens Park Rangers latest twenty four signings, Harry Redknapp leaving the training ground speaking out of his car window, lots of random social media generated stories about players turning up at all sorts of random training grounds and local medical facilities, pictures of Jim White entering the Sky Sports News building on his phone seemingly getting the latest gossip and of course the classic segments of reporters outside of training grounds and stadiums with gangs of North Face clad neds on their mobiles waving to their chums because they’re ‘On the telly’.

Like it or loathe it, the day approaches and there will be some, myself included will be sat in front of the box waiting to see who’s going where. The Transfer Deadline Day circus is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

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