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United & City Run-In: Let The Manchester Club’s Mind Games Begin

Manchester City’s late winner against Chelsea has added extra hope in winning the Premier League. Even before the big game Roberto Mancini said in he’s press conference that they “will win the league” and Patrick Vieira also got involved by saying Manchester United showed “weakness by bringing back a 37 year old”

Sir Alex Ferguson has wasted no time in hitting back by claiming they played a player (Carlos Tevez) in desperation after the manager claimed “he’s finished”

I have to agree with Sir Alex that in bringing back Paul Scholes one of the greatest midfielders in Premier League history is not a sign of weakness, if anything at the time with Anderson and Tom Cleverly injured and Fletcher out with he’s misfortune then Paul Scholes was the best player to sign who was available in that position. Who else would of come in and have a huge impact as Scholes did who was actually available to sign in the January transfer window? I’m struggling to think of anyone.

Bringing back Carlos Tevez however does show a sign of weakness, the fact that he disrespected the manager by refusing to play which he is contracted to do so at any time he is called upon and of course the manager claiming that “he’s finished” shows that Roberto felt they needed him back and in my opinion that also shows that he feels he’s current players are not performing under the pressure of trying to win the title, the likes of Dzeko, Aguerro, Silva, Balloteli and Nasri must feel a bit offended, I mean Tevez has been relaxing for 5 months in Argentina playing golf and all of a sudden he’s back hogging the glory, when instead people should be talking about how influential Nasri was against Chelsea everybody is talking about Tevez’s contribution, so he turns back to Carlos Tevez who has won Premier League titles before and has the experience to carry the team.

If anybody showed an act of desperation and weakness it has been the blue half of Manchester by bringing back a player who said he wants to leave and the mind games which Roberto and Vieira have started also shows they under pressure. Being top of the Premier League for around 7 months and at one point 5 points clear of Manchester United everybody was practically handing them the title, however now they find them selves chasing and a point behind.

Playing mind games against the master is a dangerous situation for any experienced manager, remember Rafael Benitez? He attacked Sir Alex in a blistering press conference and then went on to finish second in the league. I find it difficult why Manchester City staff will attract more unwanted publicity to them selves, especially with big games coming up.

Stoke, Norwich and especially Arsenal away are huge matches for Manchester City if they can come out of those games with touching distance to their rivals then we will be in for a huge game at the Etihad, however if they come out of it 4 points behind, lose, draw or win against the Red Devils I still feel Manchester United will win the Premier League title for a record 20th time.



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