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Weather and the Ball Top Fears for England Fans

– Fans cite heat and humidity as factors most likely to scupper England’s chances this summer

– A third of fans also believe fear the official ball will hamper the national team’s chances

The nation’s obsession with the weather continues: footy fans across England have revealed that the weather is top of their list of concerns when it comes to our team’s chances of victory in Brazil this summer, according to new research released by Captain Morgan today.

Over half believe that the heat and humidity will be responsible for the national team playing badly, as they are unused to playing in such conditions. Meanwhile, a third thinks that the official ball will be responsible for holding England back.

Interestingly, the team’s notorious historic inability to win on penalties only came in at fourth on the list of concerns, suggesting fans still have some faith in the players themselves!

Captain Morgan has surveyed fans across the UK to find out what it is they’re worrying about in the run up to the tournament. It may come as some relief to the organisers that despite the chaotic build-up, and numerous reports of stadiums not being ready in time, the state of the pitches has come in at bottom of the list; with injuries, the impact of the football season, and players misbehaving all coming in higher on the list of fans’ concerns.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the WAG capital Liverpool is worried that the buxom beauties will distract players; 20% claimed that they thought the WAGS will harm Team England’s chances. Meanwhile, in Newcastle fans are more concerned about player behaviour off the pitch, with 24% fearing that post-match antics could be detrimental to our chances.

In Wrexham a whopping 66% of fans felt that the distance the team will have to travel between matches will tire the players out and in Manchester 32% are worried about injuries sustained over the football season may  rule key players out of the action.

Captain Morgan also asked fans across the country to name their number one football legend and golden balls himself David Beckham secured his legendary status with 42% of England fans voting him as their favourite footy star.

The top five England football legends as voted by England fans were:

  1. David Beckham (42%)
  2. Bobby Moore (34%)
  3. Sir Bobby Charlton (17%)
  4. Sir Geoff Hurst (5%)
  5. Garry Linekar (2%)

The top ten worries ahead of the football as voted for by Brits in a Captain Morgan survey are:

  1. The heat 59%
  2. The humidity 51%
  3. The ball 32%
  4. The sun 28%
  5. Penalties 27%
  6. Injuries 27%
  7. Effect of the football season wearing down footballers 22%
  8. Distance between venues 19%
  9. Players misbehaving 18%
  10. The condition of the pitches in Brazil 13%

To allay the fans’ fears, Captain Morgan has created a cannon capable of firing an object at speeds of up to 74 miles per hour, to determine once and for all whether the ball has what it takes to deliver a legendary tournament this summer.

“Obviously I can’t do much about the weather, but I can definitely get the Brazil party started for fans out by testing the ball to try and put their fears to rest.

“This year’s ball has plenty of style but I wanted to see if it could handle the force of the Captain’s Cannon, famed the world over for its legendary power.

“I tested its speed, ability to swerve and curl, as well as its controllability and of course its accuracy and it scored top marks in all categories, securing true legendary status.”

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