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Wenger was shrewd with his transfer signing even if it did destroy Arsenal fans “pipe dream”

As the dust finally settles on another, January transfer window which may promised so much and gave so little leaving many fans with a feel of disappointment with the one signing in the window of Spanish left back Nacho Monreal, those fans feeling disappointed should be reassured by Wengers shrewd defensive signing. The “pipe dream” of seeing David Villa driving through the training ground gates at Coloney in his flash car and signing the multi million pound deal, posing in front of the waiting press and believing their season was saved may have quashed the dream for most fans, as the window ticked ever closer to 11pm deadline but it wasn’t the answer to Arsenal’s defensive frailties or the solution to where the real problem lies. Defensively Arsenal are weaker than in attack.

The signing of David Villa was just paper talk which was never going to materialise in January. In truth, Barcelona were never going to release him from their clutches no matter how much money Arsenal were willing to throw at him. Wenger being an economist is far too clever to pay over the odds for a 31 year old player approaching the end of his prime in football. In the summer it may have been a different matter because by than Arsenal may need to strengthen their attack but for the time being it’s not needed. It would have been an unnecessary signing if you look at Arsenal’s attack and their frailties are lying elsewhere. In truth there was no place for the name or signing of David Villa in an already tight knitted and successful attack who were providing more than their weight of goals.

Arsenal have adapted well in the position of attack, having lost the best striker in the Premier League to bitter rivals, Man United in the summer who scored over 65% of Arsenal goals last season. Wenger would have reconstructed the attack over the summer with the signings of Lukas Podolski, Olivier Giroud and the vision of Santi Cazorla. As the season has taken shape the positive with Arsenal’s new attack is that most of the goals are not focused on one striker anymore and the tag “one man team” from their critics left with Van Persie. Arsenal can pride themselves on the fact they no longer have that, “one man team” there’s variety with their goalscoring.

The team have contributed positively to score more goals, you only have to look at the team’s record at The Emirates, The Gunners have scored more goals than any other team have, in their own stadium, their attack is much more varied and has provided Wenger with more goals than last season with the Van Persie. An attack which is blooming well with 49 goals in 25 games didn’t need saving by the signing of David Villa. A player at 31 years old, his best years behind him may have provided the experience in attack but may have also upset the formation of Arsenal’s settled attack. Players such as; Theo Walcott, Olivier Giroud, Lukas Podolski and Santi Cazorla, have all done well to provide a more varied and balanced attack, all chipping in with their weight of goals having scored more goals alone than Man United “great” strike force of; Robin Van Persie, Wayne Rooney, Hernandez and Danny Wellbeck. If the signing of David Villa had happened it may upset the now settled monopoly in attack. Imagine, Olivier Giroud looking over his shoulder as he sees David Villa arrive, than starts to question his own ability and position in the team. In truth there was no place for David Villa in an already improving and confident attack. With this in mind, where would David Villa signing have been relevant and if the “marquee signing” Wenger made the defensive frailties would have been still open at the back.

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