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Why Do Footballers Need Agents? – Yaya Toure and Manchester City

So it has happened again! A footballer and his agent have hit the headlines, only this time it is in relation to the way the player has been allegedly treated by his club over… No! not money! not a new contract!… But by a football club not acknowledging his birthday! With the domestic season now drawing to a close and the transfer window now open we are now in a period until the 31st August when Sky Sports very own Jim White will bring down the hammer on what is called in the game as ‘Silly Season’ it’s a time when players and their agents like to dominate the back pages and social media with all types of utterings which gets football fans around the world talking and Jim rubbing his hands at the thought of a traumatic last day on his watch!

The people in question are Manchester City’s Yaya Toure arguably one of the most gifted Midfielders in world football and his Ukranian agent Dimitry Seluk. A war of words have broken out over the players treatment and possible future with the club, in the current climate with social media such a popular place to announce statements these days his agent made all kinds of remarks that suggested that his player had been disrespected by the club and he would be looking into the possibility of playing his football elsewhere next season.

One of the world’s leading sportsman in his trade is heading to Brazil for the world cup next month with his country the Ivory Coast now with a cloud hanging over him, with the player having dismissed the statement then an hour later agreeing with his agent he has said that he will not address this issue until after the world cup. The big question now will be will the player be able to play to the best of his ability in the tournament with the constant media attention around or will we see a true talent’s lights go out on the world’s biggest stage?

Jim probably lying on beach somewhere hot at this time, with having already worked out his shirt and tie combo for the big event of transfer deadline day, will probably be pondering will he be going live to the Etihad on the last day with a big story like Toure’s departure from city? It has left me thinking why do footballers need agents? Could they not handle all contractual talks themselves so they can look after their own interests for e.g. people like you and I do in our life’s? Ok so we don’t earn over £200,000 a week in salary but we are quite capable of signing on the dotted line of a contract that would earn us just short of a million pounds a month without someone else having to be cut in to the bargain and then causing us future problems further down the line regarding speculation on our futures.

As proved in the past agents like to open there mouths and make quotes to make made headlines so it gets there player topical and in the long run hopefully more money for them and there star. Even world leaders don’t have agents, when they sign up to run the country they go into any negotiations over salary etc with the same tools as you and I ie. They sort it out themselves not involving any middlemen and they are running a country with a lot of responsibility and not running around a football field for 90 minutes.

Agents in this day and age can make a lot of money from their clients and have the same lifestyle with the fancy cars, houses, luxurious holidays and model girlfriends hanging of their arm and even Tony Blair’s son Nicky has now joined the ranks.
Football agents do not look like they will be disappearing any time soon so all I can say is good luck to them and Yaya if you ever need an new one then I’m sure I can forgo my writing career!

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