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A Footballing Game Of Thrones

With Game of Thrones season seven filming now under way, we only have a few more months until the show returns to our screens. Like many who are suffering from GOT withdrawal symptoms, linking the show to anything else, is a must to get by. So with this in mind and coinciding with the football season getting well under way, which GOT characters match a footballing parallel?

Beware! If you have not seen the latest season, it may contain spoilers.

Steven Gerrard – Jon Snow

A fairly obvious one for us to get under way with. Two fiercely competitive fighters, who are completely dedicated to their causes. Incredibly loyal to their ‘families’ and in some cases, willing to die for them. Snow, was famously dedicated to the Night’s Watchmen, before eventually, dying/ being murdered for them. Whereas Steven Gerrard was happy to put in 18-years’ worth of service to the Reds. He wasn’t murdered, as much as not offered a new contract.

Lionel Messi – Tyrion Lannister

This pairing is certainly not based on looks, but they do have more in common than you might think. Both were told they are too small to make it to the top, but brains have succeeded over brawns, as both are now at the top. The pair are tactically astute, deadly skilful and massively respected in their fields. Although both are loyal, perhaps Messi more so. He’s not shot Luis Enrique with a crossbow…… Yet.

Sir Alex Ferguson – Tywin Lannister

Two absolute bosses in their respective fields. So competitive, with both willing to do anything to get themselves to the top. They both have a knack for winning and more specifically, winning at the last minute when the odds seem to be running against them. Both are tactical geniuses, who aren’t afraid to ditch any of the dead weight, even if they’re big players. Tywin Lannister was quick to sentence his own son to death, Fergie was much better though, Becks got a boot in the face.

Pepe – Joffrey Baratheon

This is no reflection of Pepe’s personality off the pitch. But on a football field, I think this is a great comparison. Both love to play acting and making the most of injuries. Yet they both deal out their own brand of justice. For Pepe, it’s simply standing on a hand or giving someone a little head-butt, Joffrey on the other hand is a bit stricter, going for people’s tongues instead. Despite both of them thinking rather highly of themselves, they don’t really have a lot to back it up.

Neymar – Jamie Lannister

The two most flamboyant people on the list? Both love to show off their skills, reminding us all just how talented they actually are. Both have enjoyed hugely successful careers and have had natural talent carry them to the top of their respective games. They are both pretty much the best at what they do.


There are plenty more which are worth an honourable mention. Joey Barton seems to have a striking resemblance to the Hound, and it would be easily plausible to see Mesut Ozil on the same team as Little Finger. It highlights just why GOT and Football are so wildly successful. They are more alike than you might think!

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