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Another punishment from UEFA


Looks like UEFA has decided on the final confrontation with CFF. After the punishment because of racial excesses of Croatian fans in a match against Turkey, another ‘greeting card’ came to the address of Croatian Football Federation.

Officials from Nyon have punished our football federation with enormously high Є60.000 because of one thrown cannon bump and few lighted torches in the same match, against Turkey.

“We are punished with really tremendous digit. People from UEFA in charge for tracking the behavior of fans calculated14 or 15 torches and one atomic bump, and although it wasn’t said, they have probably counted and prior similar behavior of Croatian fans.We have complained on that decision”, said Zorislav Srebrić.

Acts of UEFA towards CFF more look like an inquisition than educational means. The proof for that is an absolutely absurd part which is connected with the punishment for racial excesses, in which our fans were called up for singing “U boj, u boj, za narod svoj” (“In battle, in battle, for your nation”). After that Srebrić had to explain UEFA that this isn’t any kind of invitation to war, but the line from opera “Nikola Å ubić Zrinski” written by Ivan plemeniti Zajc.

The additional proof that ‘something is rotten in the state of Denmark’ is also the source from which information that Croatia will be drastically punished came from. The honor to publish that exclusive news acquired the journal from Beograd Večernje novosti. Political background of this action of UEFA against CFF is even more and more sure. If we also take into consideration the banner which Torcida hung out in a match against Turkey on which was written “Against modern football” it is clear why the bosses from Nyon pulls their hair on the mention of Croatia and our fans.

Consistency of UEFA’s officials will be seen when on the agenda comes sanctioning of Spanish national team and their fans, who have, in quarter-final against Italy and semi-final against Russia, lightened more torches, what was clearly seen on TV broadcast.



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