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Classic Croatian story of universal conspiracy

UEFA’s spies inserted in the lines of Croatian fans had recorded few individuals among the mass of tens of thousands of people who perked around Austria accenting forbidden symbols of nazi regime. Moral verticals from Nyon took lash in their hands and are aiming to show Croats where they belong.


Serbian sites have been writing that UEFA prepares intensive response on the behavior of Croatian fans who have been glorifying a long time ago deceased hegemonistic regimes. Mentioned were throwing out Croatian clubs from European competitions and matches of national team in front of empty stands. Either Serbian journalists have nothing else to write about or gentlefolk from UEFA went too far and lost their compass.

It is comic that the story has been even started because of group of fans who could be counted on the fingers of one hand in that mass. That kind of behavior is inadmissible and should have been sanctioned right then. The individual conforms for their acts and there the story ends.

It would be like that if there aren’t Slaven Bilić and Luka Modrić. The two of them have cooked the whole story up. The two of them, and the others from Croatian national team, led Croatia to the victory over Italy, Germany and England. They brought us, in football way, beyond majority of European football forces which got used to share compliments and wealthy prizes. Now, here came intruder and that’s not good. That’s why Croatia is on target, when everything sums and seizes, because of four or nine irresponsible ‘fans’.

Samuel Eto’o is searching for an exit from Spanish league for years because he feels sick of the imitation of monkey from the stands whenever he makes a move and sluggishness of Spanish Football Federation when the time comes to punish that excesses. One is sure, he won’t go to neither Lazio nor Verona, because he would be greeted in the same way there, garnished with the dolls of hung black men on the stands. It is not coincidentally that only white men play in these clubs. Neither in France, for example PSG, he wouldn’t trifle any better.

But why even mentioning Spain, Italy, France and the rest giant forces which adopt the regulations? Their inhabitants are in surpassingly higher mental level than the underdeveloped Croats and they lead the world towards safer and brighter future. Luckily for democratic order, they aren’t prone to hushing up. Luckily.

Epilogue is clear – Croats have to pose the cheek and wait sonorous slap, after which the entire world will know about what kind of primitives is all this about. We can be happy that they haven’t taken away all balls and forbidden us from playing football, because of the sins of simple number of people it is logic that the entire football nation has to suffer. Don’t spare us, we haven’t deserved.

two photos (not from Croatia):

Lazio - Livorno Lazio-Livorno

Real m. - Bayer L.Real Madrid – Bayer Levekusen

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