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Arsenal – Little Snood and the Big Match

Arsenal and Manchester United have come a long way, yet it seems the insignificant trivialities still affect them, Insignificant and trivial, I am using both the words together, a good grammar teacher might take offense.

Yet, it is what affects the two teams, from Pizza gate to recent snood, it seems these exchanges will continue as long as the game is there. Samir Nasri, who is in a gem of a form, is also donning a neck gear, so much so, it prompted tweets from Ferdie and Fergie of United, and a defense from the Frenchman himself.

As a Arsenal faithful, all one can say is that, if your clothing is being commented on, it means you are being noticed, otherwise are we talking about some pink band worn by some player in some league in the world, NO we are talking about a snood being worn by Nasri, from Arsenal.

So all indications are, if Ferdie and Fergie (F and F)  have noticed the snood, they have also have noticed that the ‘man’ wearing the snood, scored two goals which were pure magic,, well F and F of Man U, might take objection to the word ‘man’ and use the word ‘boy’ and then Evra might come in all manner and call Arsenal a ‘bunch of boys’

So now enter the Frenchman, with the defense of his star man/boy, tough we would prefer that he gets the Arsenal defense on the pitch in line with the teams strategy, and avoid having near misses, and if the Frenchman is taking offense, I feel the Arsenal Offense must do most of the talking on matchday itself.

Now from the insignificant trivialities, moving to the most serious part, Arsenal on Top of the Table, even after losing four games, and Man U second behind even after not losing a single game, and for once it is not about Chelsea, it is about the two old darlings Man U and Arsenal, two teams with long serving managers.

In a way it is going to be a defining match for Arsenal, in the last few seasons, they have gone out in the big matches, so far this season, Man City was done right, but Man City was half a test, and now is the full test, Man U.

The points of the game are important, but more important is the psychological edge for Arsenal, if they do overcome this challenge.

And a victory surely wont stop the boys vs man debate, but at least it will give the snood wearing boys a chance to mock the old boys of the game…



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