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Bringing the League Cup back to life: The British Cup

The FA Cup: a competition held in the highest regard amongst fans, teams and players alike, was founded in 1871 and now sees 759 teams from across England and Wales competing to write their names into the prestigious history books of the world’s oldest competition. 

The League Cup: a competition that has become a chance for teams to rest their top players and give their fringe and youth players a chance, founded in 1960 and competed between the top 92 teams in England.

The League Cup has come under much scrutiny lately, as it appears teams don’t take it seriously and many people question the importance of it. Apart from putting a bit more cash into the Football League’s pocket, I struggle to see how valid it is myself. However, I am not writing this to criticise the League Cup but to offer a solution to the current problems it has.

A very similar situation can be seen in Scotland, where the Scottish Cup takes priority over the Scottish League Cup. Like the FA Cup, the Scottish Cup contains a lot more teams than its smaller sibling and also has a much stronger heritage. So instead of these almost redundant tournaments being systematically downtrodden, we should look for ways to make them grow in value and excitement.

I propose to you a solution: ‘The British Cup’

Scrap the English and Scottish League cups and replace them with an exhilarating and varied competition that would see teams from the English, Scottish and Welsh leagues competing to become the ‘Champions of Britain’. Suddenly there would be a much greater onus on the competition and we could see such fixtures as Chelsea v Celtic and Rangers v Arsenal. Contrasts of styles would produce fiery, passionate and entertaining encounters, adding flair that the current League Cup so agonisingly strives for.

No longer could it be compared to the FA and Scottish cups, as it would be a completely different competition. For the fans, as well as a passion for their clubs, it would also bring a passion for their country. Let us unite three nations with a fantastic competition that would capture the intensity of a European fixture with the warmth of a national tournament.

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