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Arsenal’s ‘Wenger’ legacy just might fall this season..

How long has it been? A staggering 19 years for Arsene Wenger..
And he has shown that he can make it in the top 3, may his team be strong or weak, But this year after such a dazzling start, what happened? Now, we’ve been hearing year after year, we don’t have the resources, we can’t splash money, Money is ruining Football, Money can’t buy talent.
This season, the star signing of the summer transfer window, Mesut Ozil, who started off with a bang at the emirates, hammering in Assist after Assist now seems lost, no where to be found? The reds choked in the past few games, I can support my argument with the recent thumping against Liverpool at their own turf! Arsenal? Getting thumped at their own turf? By Liverpool? The end is nigh eh?

For fifteen consecutive years without fail, Arsenal have qualified for the Champions League, It seems pretty bleak now with the Chelsea claiming first place after this weekends emphatic win over Newcastle United, with their starlet, Eden Hazard, proving fatal once again with a hat trick, and Let’s not forget Manchester City! They’re the team to beat this season. However, Arsenal do sit in second place, They have Liverpool, Tottenham and Manchester City right on their heels.
With Mesut Ozil disappearing and a number of injuries occurring simultaneously, and an extremely hectic schedule ahead with Manchester United then Liverpool again, then Bayern Munich! and If that wasn’t enough they have tottenham and Chelsea not long after!
If the team isn’t at It’s fullest, and the Gunners aren’t able to pull this one off, It’s pretty evident that they won’t make it into the top 4 this time around.

Now It’s time for the pun of the week!
‘Hey United fans, how does it feel to get bendt like that? Can you sidwell now, or does it still hurt?
-‘There is no ‘D’ in Bent’
‘Yeah, he gave it to Manchester United!
-‘Sidwell, I mean wellsaid.
‘Dont you think this is a bit TWO much?

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