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AC Milan’s Balotelli makes the front page

The hottest story in Football right now is about none other than Mario Balotelli, Boy, he can’t stay out of the spot light can he? But this time the story was different, the story was about sending a message, A message to the world that racism has grown too huge, that the people who are being targeted by the so called ‘Racists’ have feelings. This was seen when the star striker for AC Milan was reduced to tears when he was subbed of against Napoli, Although It’s not evident that he shed tears because of being a victim of racial abuse, but the striker has been a part of previous Affairs related to racism.

Clarance Seedorf, the new manager of AC Milan and undoubtedly a legend at the club, was questioned about the incident.
He responded,
“We are players and there are times when we express ourselves that way. I see nothing wrong or abnormal in that. I experienced it at times too,” the Coach told Sky Sport Italia.

“He too needs to grow in general. He played very well against Cagliari, while tonight perhaps didn’t make the most of the space. These are things we can all improve on and I’m happy he has so many areas to improve, as I can help him through that education.”

He does relate the incident to himself when he says ‘ I experienced it at times too’, which clearly sends out the message that he too was racially abused, Sounds like a manager trying to defend his player, right? The manager also stated that, “It was actually beautiful.” Well there’s nothing more beautiful than a player crying for what’s right, right? the manager also stated that these tears were not without cause, apparently.
‘They were tears of a sportsman’ according to the former AC Milan legend.

Although the the manager does point out that the tears were not because of racism at all, he believed it was because he missed a great scoring opportunity just before being subbed, and he was upset about not making it count.
“Mario really cares about doing well with Milan and making his mark. He is sentimental. It’s a shame that he got so downhearted about it, as he needs to keep his head up.”

That’s pretty much it up till now, and It’s pretty evident that the AC milan striker hasn’t read the front page of the newspaper today.
What? That explains why his apartment isn’t on fire.

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