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Is Barcelona’s Lionel Messi Overrated?

So with a blood and guts performance, Chelsea overcame the odds and hold a slight advantage going into the 2nd leg of the semi final. But why did this happen?? Barcelona have the best player in the world but could still not break down what is the Premier League’s sixth best team (currently).

This is why the pint sized maestro Messi would not be as successful in the English Premier League.

Chelsea obviously went into the game with a certain game plan which showed with the possession stats and shots at goal but did they have a plan to stop Messi? With so many other world class players within the Barcelona team can a side go out to stop an individual when the collective will just as easily run riot.

With John Terry and Gary Cahill having exceptional games and putting in some superb blocks, the whole of the Chelsea team were organised and efficient, which showed that with a more physical game plan and organisation Barcelona can be stopped and so can Messi.

If Messi were ever to come and play in the English premier league there is no doubt he would be a great assest but would he deliver like he does in La Liga and would he be playing 50+ games a season with the premierships brutal and long fixture list.

His current statistics are played 53 games, scored 63 goals with 25 assists.

My argument is that with players like Ryan Shawcross, Vincent Kompany etc taking chunks out of him every week if not twice a week he would not be able to last the whole season therefore making his chances of having a successful season like this one very difficult.

Is it too easy in La Liga? Cristiano Ronaldo proved himself in the Premiership and is now keeping up with Messi’s great season in La Liga, does this mean that Ronaldo is more of a complete player because he has proved his ability in two different styles of football, for me it does.

What is your view? Could Lionel Messi work his magic in the English Premier League?



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