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Basketball v Rugby: The influence of English football

Basketball and Football, two similar yet entirely different games. Same basic rules which are to score as many as you can before the end of the game, but the difference is so big you sometimes forget that they are so similar. With the obvious fact of Basketball is a ball being dribbled with hands and Football is a ball being dribbled with feet, there are other rules which make the sports almost opposites in a way. Basketball could improve the future of English football.

I believe this as if you look at many successful national teams, in their nation, there second sport is Basketball, the first sport being Football. Whereas with England, our second sport is Rugby, again a completely different ball game. But Rugby being our second sport has an influence on why we are so far behind in the quality of football countries like Spain and Argentina possess. Rugby is all about power and strength and determination whereas Basketball is all about quality, technique and different ideas. You look at England’s squad at the moment, where do we have the most depth? The answer would be wingers and centre backs. Now, wingers are also used in Rugby, usually the fastest, less stronger player of the side and is used to get the team as far up the pitch as possible, as quickly as possible, sounds very familiar to the job of a winger in football, looking at the likes of Theo Walcott and Kyle Walker.

Centre backs in football are normally the strongest part of the team, which is obvious since they are the defence, with this trait, they also seem to be the slowest which means there reaction time is better than any other position on the pitch, this sounds awfully a lot like most Rugby positions, also, being in a secondary school, I can tell you nearly every powerful rugby player in our school team has definitely had a shot at playing centre-back. But having these traits in football is horrible, and is one of the reasons behind our national side not being successful.

Football is now a creative game, more and more intelligent people enter the game, you have to think on your feet and make quick, but good decisions otherwise a bad decision will cost you. Whereas in rugby, mistakes are made a lot of the time and are less cared about. Which is one of the philosophies I would affiliate with the English football team. More and more people need to take more interest in Basketball, if you’re young and you want to be a good footballer, Basketball is a good sport to look at. It teaches you about individuality in team work, Good qualities in a team lacking quality and ‘half-a-second decisions’ which if you look to players such as Leo Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Eden Hazard and Alexis Sanchez have all of these locked into their system. It doesn’t matter if they gained this naturally, things gained naturally too some can be taught and perfected to those not as lucky. Englands style of play is fast, short football which doesn’t work in a team which have low intelligence as a whole and a team which are known for stupid, clumsy actions, not only does it not work, its basically an opposite.

So if England schools and young people begin to take a higher interest into Basketball, then maybe one day we will have that English Hazard dribbling around players for fun or the English Neuer showboating and making quick decisions because he can. It could have that affect on our countries future in the beautiful game. Maybe one day, The International break may be a break us English may look forward too, instead of looking forward to the end of it.

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