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Big mouth Spurs boss Tim to be sacked before we all thought?

Rumours are flying around that David Moyes wont be the last Premier League manager dismissed this week, It said that Daniel Levy is concerned about his current managers behaviour and may act soon to stop the squad having a full on mutiny before the season is over and the reputation of the club being further tarnished.

When Levy gave the (then) likeable Sherwood an 18 month contract everyone thought maybe Levy was being brave andgiving an inexperienced coach a chance, after some poor results and some very divisive press interviews it seems that the former Blackburn skipper could be on his way sooner than we all thought, a club insider saying that it he “talked himself out of a job”.

Sherwood has questioned Spurs summer signings and has made some very odd comments in the press such as Brazailin international Sandro is not good enough for his team, as well as this gem from last week “I have assessed the players more than anyone. I could not tell you the best 11 players at Tottenham,” & “They’re are all so similar, much of a muchness regarding the same quality.”

Fans also reacted badly to his comments saying current Spurs fans favourite Christan Eriksen is Bergkamp-esque as they didn’t appreciate Sherwood comparing the Dane to an Arsenal legend when the N17 club has a multitude of greats to choose from.

Tim Sherwood is fast becoming the new Joe Kinnear it would seem after his comments about watching Eriksen at Wembley when he was 17, even though it’s well reported that he has never played at Wembley.

Senior players have apparently also gone to Director of Football Franco Baldini to complain that training has become something a pub side would do on a Wednesday over the local park and that Sherwood is alienating players and causing bad feeling within the squad as he seems not to care now he knows he is off.

The feeling was, after last week’s meeting where Sherwood was told his contract would be terminated at the end of the season, Spurs could just get to the finish line and start to rebuild for next season under whoever Levy appoints but the sounds are that Levy and Baldini are concerned Tim will ruin morale within the squad and some top players like Sandro, Eriksen, Vertonghen and Lloris could request transfers before the new man is in place.

If Levy sacks Sherwood he could perhaps appoint Hoddle or maybe Baldini just to get over the line but that would look silly as Spurs, whilst underachieving, are not in crisis.

Levy is desperate for Europa League next season as the revenue is important to Spurs plans and maybe leaving the man with a 48% win ratio in charge for the next three games where Spurs could equal lasts seasons 72 point record is the best bet.

Please Levy for once give the trigger finger a rest.

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