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Cassano and Ibrahimovic: Hold your breath, Calcio fans.

In a ever changhing, fluctuating and typically chaotic transfer window, it is now old news that Antonio Cassano has moved to Milan. But in the wake of the Beckham saga, the final transfer of Ronaldinho and the potential capture of the Premiership year, Edin Dzeko, the potential effects of Fantonio at the Rossineri have been briefly forgotten about in the world of football.

But, potentially, Milan may have developed the best strike partnership in Serie A in recent years, since perhaps Ravanelli and Del Piero at Juventus.
Cassano is the most technically gifted Italian player since the peak of Juve’s famous number 10, and Ibrahimovic is the most prolific striker in Italy since Shevchenko. But rarely have we seen two players of such skill and natural ability share the same team. It could be spectacular. It could be not only the most prolific and explosive forward pairing in Serie A, if not dare I say, Europe.

 Now obviously, there is no topping Messi, Villa, Pedro et al, or Ronaldo and Higuain in terms of statistics in current times, but as from a purely neutral perspective(despite the fact that I am a Milan fan) this particular partnership could be more captivating, even if only down to the players characters, audacity and technical bravado.  And the fact that this partnership has been formed in Italy, the last European standpoint of the stand alone fantasista, will allow these two fantastic footballers flourish in the country they play their best football.
At the moment Cassano is not match fit, due to his 2 month exodus from the game, but on Monday Ibrahimovic and Milan take on Udinese for the first home game in front of the Milan Curva, and it will be hard forAllegri  to resist giving Fantonio the last 2o minutes like he did against Cagliari yesterday, and give us the first glimpse of what could be the partnerships that ends Milan’s domestic dry run once and for all.  Serie A defences are quivering in their headbands, and I advise anyone who is interested to take a closer look at the Peninsula this year, you could see something very special.

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