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Chelsea Transfer Ban and it’s youth policy

Chelsea Transfer Ban and it’s youth policy.

Chelsea are banned from 2 transfer windows, but as any ‘self righteous’ club will do so, they are going to appeal the ban.

There are two issues that spring  to mind on hearing this news.
Firstly, maybe the news is not as devastating as it is made out to be in terms of the transfer activity that Chelsea might have been involved in, in the coming two windows.

I am not very sure that Chelsea would have been very active in the transfer market in any case. Maybe they will miss the ‘marquee’ signing that they craved for.
However if the present team does not go on to win trophies, in the next two years ( especially with ManU and Liverpool being visibly weakened in the transfer market this year) I do not think any other Chelsea team will. The present team (most of it at least) has developed a bond and a camaraderie through thick and thin over the past 3-4 seasons. And to infuse new talents will require some team rebuilding time at least (as real Madrid might find out this season).

More importantly, the second and a more serious issue that this event brings to the forefront is what does Chelsea do with their youngsters? (Or ‘tapped up’ youngsters).
We have seen many Chelsea youngsters (tapped or untapped) being sold to other clubs, as they are unable to break into the first team. Some youngsters like Frank Nouble left Chelsea as he didn’t see a future in the first team here. Also many other payers are skeptical to join Chelsea. This because, even if Chelsea supposedly have a youth policy, they buy almost established and star players from the market. There is nothing wrong in doing this as this speaks for the ambition of the club to win trophies in the present. However what this does suggest is lack of direction in terms of getting youth into the team. They seem to have a plan, where in they will introduce 1 player from the youth system into the first team i.e from next season.
Chelsea were supposedly after Aguero or Pato in the summer market, however now that everyone knows Gael Kakuta, at least play him in the Carling cup and FA cup to find out if is he really worth that ban. In fact Chelsea would be better off introducing at least 4 players from the youth system into the first team for some Carling cup and other league cup encounters. And I am sure this will work out well for all the parties, Roman, The seniors, the reserves, and Frank ‘the sporting director’ Arnesen.

Consequentialism and other moral theories pose a serious question; does the end justify the means?
However, in Chelsea’s case the question to be asked would be what is the ‘end’ that these seemingly immoral means are meant for?



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