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Chelsea v Liverpool – Preview

‘Sup Guys?,

First of all welcome to the first entry on the solely for Liverpool fans. So, as a first post I thought what better than to cover tomorrows Champions League Semi-Final 2nd Leg. So let’s go…

As we all know we were within seconds of taking a 1 goal advantage down to the morgue that is Stamford Bridge but a misjudgement from JAR gave Chelsea a very undeserved advantage but it means that the 2nd leg will be exciting as we’ll have to go for a win for the first time under Rafa. So what do we have in our favour…

1. We’ve got to win at Stamford Bridge sooner or later

2. El Nino has never played at Stamford Bridge

3. We’re seen to be the underdogs

4. We’ve managed to rest a lot of our players

5. Chelsea seem to think they’ve already won the tie

I’m a firm believer that all runs must come to an end sooner or later and I firmly believe that this will be the game that sees that run end. In the past, under Rafa, Liverpool have gone to Stamford Bridge with the belief that a 0-0 draw would be good. The League games it’s kind of an unwritten belief that what would be suitable for all top 4 teams is to get a draw when they play each other and pick up the points at the other games. In the Champions League games the first leg has always been at Stamford Bridge so a 0-0 draw would suit us fine knowing that we could beat them at Anfield. But for the first time ever we need to get a win and we really have the players to get it now.

For the first time we have players we have a player who we believe can score whenever he steps onto the field. Many people say that Torres can only really score at Anfield but he’s scored goals in hard away games, none harder than his screamer against Inter Milan. This will be the first time that he has played at Stamford Bridge and his understanding with Gerrard is just getting better all the time. Add the fact that Babel is playing brilliantly at the moment and that Kuyt seems to be able to score in the important games we have the ability to score against Chelsea.

During the entirity of this Champions League campaign, and 2005 and 2007, we have been tagged with the underdog label and have always come through (bar Athens 2007) to prove the doubters wrong. Once again, before a ball was even kicked, everyone had Chelsea as the team that would knock Liverpool out of the Champions League. We always seem to have the ability to rise above it all and prove people wrong so why can’t this be any different.

It’s not just the media and football fans that think that Chelsea are in the final there was nothing worse than seeing the way the Chelsea players celebrated the draw at Anfield. John Terry tried to curry favour with the neutrals by saying in his programme notes that the Chelsea players were subjected to abuse during the 1st leg. OMG, you’re a 20 year old who earns more money in a week than the average fan will earn in 5 years and you have the start to complain about people calling you names. I for one would not complain if that was the worst part of my job and then to say that the atmosphere is just as good at the morgue than at Anfield is an absolute joke. Oh, yeah and Chelsea have banned any large flags or banners for tommorows game.

Well that’s just a few reasons why I think we will beat Chelsea tomorrow and make it 6 in Moscow.





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