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Is Chelsea’s Roberto Di Matteo a good manager?

In this post I’ll be talking about whether Chelsea’s Roberto Di Matteo is actually a good manager or whether he has been lucky in his current and Champions League success. Personally I believe that Di Matteo is just a likeable guy who the Chelsea players know and get along with, they see Roberto as a friend rather than a manager and are feeling free to do what they like.

Di Matteo will take all the credit for the Champions League victory and yes partially he does deserve this credit but you have to in a way give Tottenham’s Andre Villas Boas some credit for the squad that he built that eventually went on to win the competition. It is clear to me that the Italian is not a brilliant manager as many fans may believe, he was sacked as the manager of West Bromwich Albion in 2011 and was extremely lucky to find himself in the position he was at with Chelsea and then to be named caretaker manager.

I am in no way saying that he deserves no success or that he isn’t a good manager, I am just saying that I feel Roberto Di Matteo has been extremely lucky in his Chelsea career so far. With the squad that Chelsea have this year even Alex McLeish could have them in the position they are in now, surely?



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