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Chelsea’s worst Performance: JJB Stadium

Match Report Wigan 0 VS 1 Chelsea: Focus on Chelsea’s defence.

From JJB Stadium

Starting Lineups:

Wigan Athletic 4-4-2





Chelsea FC 4-1-4-1


—Bosingwa–Carvhalo—Terry—-A Cole–



—Deco———————————J Cole—


Essien is back from a calf strain. Essien will took over Mikel’s position as CDM holding shape for the team. Flat back defence with A Cole and Bosingwa wingers/ RB and LB.

Ballack, Lampard and Deco are again playing advancing midfielder roles being the source of the attack. J Cole is playing supporting striker and Anelka is playing the finishers role.

Wigan played a very tight man marking game with hints of modern day zonal in the play giving Chelsea minimal space in attack.

The advancing midfielders constantly were trying to drag the defenders away looking for some space and shooting opportunities.

After a Bosingwa throw in and a couple of passes, Wigan’s Cattermole gave away an early free kick from a handball.

Deco scored an amazing free kick goal, positioned just out of the reach of Pollit in the top right hand corner.

A few attacks and counter attacks came from Wigan after the Deco goal. Chelsea defended without the same urgencies as Wigan. Within a few short passes and a bit of fancy dribbling by Palacios, Palacios managed to get pass the right back, Bosingwa in a few seconds and then getting a shot on goal. If Cech had been out of position even slightly the shot would’ve been the equaliser for Wigan.

It seemed like Chelsea still didn’t think Wigan had any attacking prowess as the corner straight after Chelsea left Zaki unmarked at the far post giving him a free header on goal only to be saved by Cech.

And still Chelsea not tightening up at the back as minutes or even seconds later Wigan came up with a very deadly counter attack giving about four shots on goal with LB Figueroa coming up to support Koumas on the attack.

Cech was still saving our asses from our horrible defending.

Palacios has a long shot on goal just wide. And now Chelsea’s attack was lacking. So far it was about 5 shots to Wigan 1 shot Chelsea.

Finally Chelsea came up with something. They string up a few passes to Deco then Lampard but that attempt was easily stopped by Wigan’s back line.

Lampard then got a corner to take. It was a nicely taken corner to the head of Carvhalo. His header just went over.

A little more urgency in the counter attack saw A Cole deflect the cross of a right side attack, giving another corner to Wigan. This time everybody was marked and Chelsea managed to scramble the ball away.

A few minutes later Wigan was on the attack again. They played some of the best football I’ve ever seen. Some amazing through balls, crosses, short passes and fancy trick embarrassing Chelsea’s defence leaving Petr Cech again to save Chelsea.

Bosingwa’s speedy counter attack was ended by Wigan with a few nice tackles from Palacio which Chelsea was certainly lacking in this game.

Palacio’s second tackle was a foul which gave Chelsea free kick.

The best thing about Scolari’s new style is the freedom he gives to the back wingers. Twice Bosingwa has come up with a deadly attack, hovering in the central third of the field.

A push by Palacio’s gave Chelsea yet another free kick. This indirect reached the head of Nicolas Anelka who directed the header a bit over. Now Wigan’s defence was lacking. There were about three players who had all the space in the world for a deadly shot.

Finally Chelsea were playing like its old self penetrating Wigan’s defence. This almost created a goal when Nicolas was tripped by two Wigan defenders. The ref waved away appeals for a penalty and Wigan were off to another attack. Nothing came of it.

2nd Half

SUBS: (WIGAN) Koumas Off for Ridder. (CHELSEA) J Cole Off for Kalou.

A slow start came of the second half. We kept possession for a long period of time. The ball reached the defensive midfielder Essien as he came off with a low shot easy for Pollit.

At this stage Chelsea wasn’t closing down attacks fast enough.

Wigan had quite a few more shots on goals. Chelsea was definitely lacking goals, due to the skill of Wigan, time wasting and in general taking it easy.

It was time for the playmaker Palacios to make way for Olivier Kapo. Wigan was playing very fast paced football making minimal mistakes.

Chelsea on the hand was playing slow paced football with quite a lot of mistakes.

Kapo created another chance running down the wing and crossing. There wasn’t much of a shot to finish things off.

A Cole came off after a long game for Bridge to finish off. Scolari obviously knew Wigan couldn’t score a goal in the final minutes of the game.

But seconds after the substitution Kapo came up with a lethal shot which Cech , just pushed away to safety.

Wigan got a corner knowing this would be one of their last plays of this game. Cech caught the attempted cross by Heskey.

Full Time.

“I saw today out in the field how difficult it is and over the last two or three years, when a team goes and wins one-nil, it’s the same as 10-nil. That’s because one-nil in England is 50 per cent of the scorelines.” Scolari was delighted with this win “In England you can never say first versus the last is easy.”

Scolari admitted that this was a bad performance by Chelsea “This result is fantastic for Chelsea because we have more confidence and we have six points, even though I know we didn’t play well. Wigan have powerful players.”

Even Wigan knew they should’ve won it

“We’ve missed an outstanding chance to beat them,” Wigan’s boss Steve Bruce said.

Chelsea won the game 1-0. As a huge Chelsea fan I hate to admit it but this was one of Chelsea’s worst performances in the history of Chelsea.

Wigan were the deserving winners.

Wrtitten by Aaron Chen



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