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A crucial time to buy for Tottenham, Liverpool and Chelsea

Teams like Manchester City and Manchester United will inevitably buy and sell some big players through the summer. These transfers could, like this season, could affect the destination of the Premier League title. It isn’t, however, these two teams or even Arsenal that are in desperate need to buy well this summer. Man City have failed to buy well but even though they have lost the title this year they will be back next year. Out of the big clubs its Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham who need to get it right and need to get it right now. Everton will buy smart but will more than likely fall short of Europe again with such tough competition around them. City and United will both look to add width and firepower into their teams this summer in an attempt to beat the other to the title.

Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham are in a very crucial time for each club and what they do in the summer could prove make or break for their futures. Let’s start with Spurs.


Players they must keep: Gareth Bale

Position they should be looking for: Left back, Striker

Tottenham have a wealth of depth in midfield so bringing in any player in the middle of the park is unnecessary. The defence could do with strengthening though. Especially down the left. With Walker playing down the right, Tottenham are lacking the same speed and danger down the left. The speed that made Spurs so deadly when Bale played down the flank. They will need to really stretch teams to allow Bale and the effective midfield more space and time in the middle. If it was my money, I would opt for Leighton Baines. He is a hard working full back who can attack well and defend well. He would compliment Walker well. I could see Baines moving if Tottenham played Champions League football next season. Finishing in the top 4 would prove massive for Spurs to not only sign bigger names but also to keep Gareth Bale.

Next on the list is a striker. Adebayor has not been good enough this season and it’s been down to Bale and Defoe to get the goals this season. A top class striker would take the pressure off of Bale and would aid in securing the important goals needed for a top 4 finish.

The reason this summer is so important for buying is because Tottenham have an amazing chance on their hands. They have a highly thought of young manager, a good, deep squad with some great players but more than anything they have Gareth Bale. This is their chance to prove they can be a top team before they lose Bale. Tottenham could really be on the verge of something and need to get their next step right.


Players they need to keep: Eden Hazard, Juan Mata

Position they should be looking for: Defensive midfielder, Striker

The attacking line at Chelsea has been highly praised this season with the psychic passing and effectiveness of the 3 amigos Juan Mata, Eden Hazard and Oscar. It has been the striker in front of them 3 that has drawn the negative criticism. Fernando Torres has been a disappointment while Demba Ba, even though has scored some important goals, is not of the quality Chelsea need as their star man. Looking for a true goal scorer will be high on Chelsea’s plans. They have tried this before with Torres and even though that didn’t work out the way the planned they need to try it again. If they can secure a goal scorer like Radamel Falcao they may be in a position to challenge for the tile.

They look set to buy Andre Schlurre from Bayern Leverkusen, another attacking player who sits behind the striker. I really think they have enough of them now. The position they need is a defensive or holding midfielder. Jon Obi Mikel has stepped up this year but I still feel Chelsea need something more in that position. Every great team has an underrated holding midfielder pulling all the strings but Mikel isn’t that. If you compare him to Michael Carrick and the effect he has at United then Mikel should be seen as stop gap between Essien and the next midfielder they sign.

Chelsea have the money to buy players any season but people are getting bored of the constant hiring and firing of managers and its putting people off coming over to Stamford bridge. Chelsea need to prove to the footballing world that they are serious, footballing giants and will not become a circus. This is their last chance to build upon their recent successes and look to take the Premier League title out of Manchester. If not then it may be a while.


Players they need to keep: Luis Suarez

Positions they should be looking for: Defender, Attacking Midfielder

Liverpool’s rebuilding job has been going well under Brendan Rodgers and they need to keep that going next season. They need to bring in good, young players to continue the rebuilding. Rodgers has already spoken about a bringing in a defender with Ashley Williams and Alex Pearce being touted as possible signings. A defender or two would really strengthen the Liverpool defence and turn their impressive goal haul to more points.

Their attacking options are limited and another attacking midfielder would help Liverpool in their quest for Champions League football. Coutinho has been a revelation and another tricky playmaker could aid in assisting Suarez and Sturridge. The main thing Liverpool need is to be constantly evolving under Rodgers to become the club the fans and owners expect. They can’t afford to miss a year and slip up. Every year is so important for the club but this year is more important than any. They have got some really good players in the form of Daniel Sturridge, Coutinho and Luis Suarez. They need to build upon this and payers like Christian Eriksen are the right sort of calibre for the club to move forward. This summer will be crucial to keep Liverpool on track.

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