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Has Rafa Benitez done a good job in Chelsea?

When you think about Rafa Benitez you think that he is a bad manager. To be honest I wasn’t really happy when RDM was replaced by him at the end of November, and when you look at his past, he doesn’t have something to show for it. Its true that he made an unbelievable comeback with Liverpool over Milan at the Champions League final 2005 and won La Liga with Valencia.

At first, he had some troubles with the home crowd booing him every time he is coming from Chelsea dressing room, but everybody need to know that RDM getting fired is not his fault. But its was frustrating to see the one who made us European Champions replaced by a local villain.

Benitez had to have some time with the team, address his tactics and put a strong team that will run into a great finale of the season.

If you look tactically, Benitez is better than Di Matteo. He didn’t lost to United this campaign, He put a weak but yet strong side to compete in the Europa League and reach the final. So in the tactics department we will give 1 point to Benitez.

If you look as team changing, rotation, Benitez has don’t a better job because he’s side was playing 5 different competition that Chelsea board wanted to see them win and he was successful in all of them reaching twice to the semi-final (FA Cup and Capital One Cup) still on way to get the 2nd spot in the Premier League and reaching a European final. So Benitez had some bad days as Chelsea manager, but he did a good job.

Benitez has worked well under Chelsea’s fans pressure and under a tight calender to handle, and its true that we could have been in a better position in the league and he could have given Lampard and Terry more time on the pitch, but if you look at this from a neutral point of view, Benitez did amazing  job with Chelsea and when his own crowd booed him he stayed peaceful and continued to do his work the best way he can.

Its not that I’m a fan of Benitez, but he need a big RESPECT from every Chelsea fan at the end of the season. Because he did a great job for us.



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