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Another day. Another sense of dissapointment.

As the transfer window closed nearly 90 mintues ago another dissapointing day passed for this Chelsea fan. For the first time I found myself hoping for an Abrhamovic “gift” signing for the next Chelsea mananger. Rather than the debacles with Shevchenko and the ever frustrating Torres.

Surely someone at the club can see that we are crying out for a Cavani or Falcao, or even a Darren Bent would improve our goalscoring output, whilst we are also lacking a dominant force in midfield. Dont get me wrong I am a huge fan or Ramires, Lampard and Luiz, and as far as Im concerned Mikel isnt a bad player. The problem is Lampard doesnt have the legs now for 3 games in a week, Ramires is not an out and out holding player neither is Luiz and Mikel slows the play down too much when he plays. So I am forced to question why the club is waiting until the summer to cure a problem that could cost us a top 4 spot? Fellaini would give us what we need in midfield a combative holding midfielder who may grab a goal or 2, or failing that an Ettiene Capoue would be just as effective. Sadly Moussa Sissoko is off the menu now and at £2 million Newcastle have got a bargain there.

What is a sad fact at the moment though is the for some reason Benitez doesnt rate Terry. I admit he is far from the quickest centre back at the club but he never has been, the club though are desperately missing that leadership at the back. However highly I rate Azpilicueta it may be time to drop him to bring Terry back in to offer that solidity at the back. Especially with Cech out for the time being.

For all the disapointment though it cant be denied its never boring being a Chelsea fan.

Heres hoping the summer brings a minor clearout, the like of Benayoun, Malouda, Torres, and some of the older reserve team players need to be moved on. Along im afraid with Rafa. I dont wish to be disparaging about him as he has done a decent job since coming in but he is not a manager who the players seem to be fully behind, and the fans will just never warm to him. Personally I am hoping that its the secondcoming of the special one come summer time but failing that Id like to think Moyes or Poyet could take us into next season, and with no doubt a new striker coming in as well as a midfielder or two next season could be huge for CFC.

Heres hoping anyway.


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