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Drogba, Good Or Bad For Milan?

Well I really do think it’s a done deal with Drogba going to Ac Milan. Chelsea has already allowed AC to start opening up deals with Dider Drogba and man I am excited, but disappointed.

As many of you know I am not a big fan of Drogbas charater, but I am only excited because he could bring so much to AC, that we don’t have currently.

Although Chelsea has approved AC to open deals with Drogba I don’t it will be so easy to reach a deal with him.

For a long time there has been rumors that Chelsea was going to release Drogba as a free agent, but until AC got in the picture there was a little said of where Drogba would end up if Chelsea released him.

AC needs a great player like Drogba, but not a player that plays for all the doe instead of what his team really needs.. A Leader.

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