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England – Euro 2016 hopefuls?

After a rather depressing World Cup campaign (if that’s what you can call it) one thing you can take from this world cup is that we have a large group of young stars who really do look like they may be able to win some silver wear in two years time or at least be in with a chance. With the likes of Barkley, Sterling, Sturridge,  Shaw, Wilshire as well as the ones who couldn’t make it due to injury and many more who will only get better and blossom in the coming years, its a far cry from the ‘golden generation’ of Beckham, Neviles, Lampard, Gerrard, Ferdinand, terry, Ashley Cole and so on, these players were very good, but with new crop of youngsters we have can terrify defences across the world, and it was very pleasing to watch a England team attack for a change, rather than aimlessly pass the ball around making no head way.

In the three games we did play this world cup we showed flare, speed and played at a tempo which is played week in week out at the premier league which is why it is arguable the best league in the world, in my opinion certainly the best to watch. The key is transferring that quick attacking football into the big international competitions, which I think we really can do at the euros in two years time, with other players sure to come through the ranks and the current young crop bound to only get better, its looking promising. Although England fell short this world cup of everyone’s expectations, however small they may have been, it was good to watch, the reason we went home so earily on were due to individual errors not really team mistakes, as well as not great decisions concerning Rooney’s position, which in my opinion cost us the first game, we were way to vulnerable down the left flank and the Italians seen this and took full advantage.

Cahill and Jagialka although very good centre backs and proven talents, I feel they were just out of there depth at this world cup and not quite good enough. By 2016 id like to see Jones make a go of making that centre back spot his own both for Manchester united and England, weather Chris Smalling can do the same is yet to be seen. With Luke Shaw showing signs of a very accomplished full back and Kyle Walker still young and sure to be a regular in the England set up in two years id like to say the back four should not be a problem.

As for midfield, we have a large group of talented individuals to pick from. One thing England have missed for a long time now, is a out and out goal scorer although with the number 10 role becoming more and more promidnet in resent years its getting harder and harder for you old school number 9 to fit in to a top team, but saying that we would all love a shearer or owen back in the England team.

Overall I think our chances in 2016 look very bright and we should all be very optimistic about our chances, and not get to depressed by englands world cup exit this summer.

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