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The downfalls of modern football on England’s success

Over the last decade or so, we have seen many young talents who should have been more than just young talents, should have been but never were, why? the reason for me is simple.. money. Why play your heart out and why work hard when you earn £100,000 grand a week, straight in your bank? there’s no need to, the young players already think they’ve made it, the motivation has gone, the drive and ambition has gone because when your driving super cars and live in mansions at the tender age of 18-22 you just cant see any reason to continue to push yourself to your limits to get better. Their happy with what they’ve got and the talent is wasted, talent is nothing without drive, motivation and ambition to be the best you can be, which I why I think England are falling short on a regular basis.

Although there are other reason like the influx of foreign players to England’s top league making it even harder for our bright young English talents to break through and get game time on the big stage, for big clubs. Yes fair enough pay them the big wages when they’ve proved themselves but not so early, make them work for what they want, make them hungry for success. To many players have fallen short of there potential for this reason.

Obviously this is not the only reason, people buying clubs as a hobby and spending vast amount of money on foreign players and the FA are standing by and letting this happen, if we ever want England to lift the world cup again we must put a strict limit of foreign players in the starting line up,  as well as making a conscious effort to improve our grass roots programme, too many good young players are going unseen, purely down to the wrong kind of coaching and guidance throughout there football upbringing, for some unknown reason in English amateur kids football we seem to teach all defenders as soon as they get the ball to hump it as far up the other end as quickly as possible as much as possible, why? this is wrong.

We need to start from an early age, that keeping the ball pass it and keep it because as the old saying goes, ‘as long as we have the ball they cant score’, and its true, although keeping the ball just for the sake of keeping the ball is pointless and very boring, but the correct coaching and if clubs are run the right way then kids will know what to do when the ball does fall at there feet, By the time these players play eleven a side football they have to almost learn there entire game all over again. If you look across Europe, a large majority are playing 7 a side in till they are well in to there teens, which means more touches on the ball and more experience with the ball at there feet, this can only be a good thing right? You only have to look at the Germans and the Spanish who both have both taken up this way of bringing there younger players in to the game, and keeping them interested. As country if we ever want to be a ‘big’ national team again we must start at the very bottom and work up, although there are a lot of problems to work through we have four more years to get it right. So for once lets put England first, and progress as a international team and not let the money and big names draw us into squandering our own chances of national glory.

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