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Football Amnesia with Captain Hindsight

foot·ball  am·ne·sia

Noun: Inability to form a rational opinion by remembering beyond the previous week of football.

It’s growing. To the football fan the saturation of football coverage is a joy. However, this does seem to create the need to sensationalise every result and revelation to the extent that immediate conclusions must be drawn. But like watching the final game of the season and picking the league champions – it’s a bit foolish if you don’t consider the previous 37 games.

The last week has seen Barcelona dethroned as Spanish and European Champions in front of their own fans. Following Chelsea’s progression in the Champions League semi-final, journalists across this footballing nation were queing up to praise Chelsea’s ‘impenetrable defence’ [only impenetrable if you exclude the two goals for which they were penetrated] – the immediate aftermath sounded like the South Park character Captain Hindsight, who in this case seemed to be suffering from an English pandemic called ‘football amnesia’.

In need of fresh legs Guardiola turned to youth; Thiago Alcântara, Isaac Cuenca and Cristian Tello each started either against Madrid or Chelsea and Barcelona stuck to ‘Plan A: Posession’. Messi’s penalty miss, Messi hitting the post, Busquets stoppage time sitter in the first leg after Pedro hit the post, Sanchez missing two clear cut chances, as did Cesc Fabregas. Barcelona didn’t lose to Chelsea because they didn’t have a Plan B, they lost because they didn’t convert the chances created through Plan A. Guardiola took a chance, the players stuck to their game plan, it paid off in ’09 and ’11, it didn’t in ’12.

How many English football fans were supporting Chelsea for the night? There were no English prospects on the pitch. Scared of failure, scared of Captain Hindsight and his conclusions. Roll on the Euros and the World Cup, where England will under perform and Captain Hindsight will tell you we can’t keep posession, we don’t have the technique and we can’t produce players like the Spanish, like that young Thiago fellow.

South Park's Captain Hindsight
Thanks Captain Hindsight.



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