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Footballers and their property investments

Sometimes the modern-day footballer is portrayed as naive when it comes to money and clueless when it comes to investment. While there are some footballers who perhaps play up to these perceived characteristics the fact is that there are many footballers over the years who have invested very successfully in property. As the number of overseas football stars continues to rise in the UK the superstars of today are now part of the prime property market in London and all other major cities around the UK.

Robbie Fowler and his buy to let school

Earlier this year there was a very interesting article relating to Robbie Fowler, the former Liverpool, Manchester City and England superstar who was perhaps one of the games more natural finishers. It is common knowledge that Robbie Fowler has had a significant interest in property for many years now but did you know that he has an estimated wealth of around £28 million and recently launched his own buy to let Academy?

The image and reputation of Robbie Fowler as a footballer did not go hand-in-hand with his reputation as a savvy property investor and entrepreneur. It is rumoured that the former footballer owns in excess of 80 properties and the fact that he is currently running a number of seminars preaching the virtues of buy to let investment is certainly a feather in his cap.

Wayne Rooney and his property move

If there is one name in the world of football which is grabbing the headlines at the moment it has to be Wayne Rooney and his fractious relationship with Manchester United. Just prior to his rumoured transfer request, which has been denied by his representatives, there were suggestions that Rooney was looking at a £12 million mansion in the Cheshire area. The property in question came with 20 acres of its own land in upper class area Alderley Edge and would certainly make a great home for his growing family.

While his on-off move to Chelsea is still attracting speculation it seems that his pursuit of a new property has been put on hold. It will be interesting to see whether, assuming he does move to Chelsea in due course, he will be looking at a property in London or whether indeed he will retain his roots in the north-west of England. It was also interesting to see that the property that the Rooney family were looking at is owned by Ashley Ward – a former football star.

French players in Newcastle property market

The Newcastle United squad now boasts enough French players to field a whole team in the premiership today. The club has spent significant money on its French recruitment and this has led to growing interest in the Newcastle prime property market with areas such as Gosforth now under the spotlight. We have seen millions upon millions of pounds of investment in the prime property market in Newcastle and at this moment in time a significant proportion of this is down to football stars in the area.

Indeed “King Kev” himself still has an interest in the Newcastle property market from his very successful and eventful time at the club. Alan Shearer, the most successful number nine in the history of Newcastle United, also has property in the area and at least one property investment in London.

Difficulties of owning prime property in the football industry

Perhaps one of the only difficulties for those owning prime property in the UK football industry is the fact that football itself is very fickle and players move from club to club and country to country on a regular basis. While the vast majority of those at the top end of the UK football scene can often afford to acquire new properties wherever they move, and retain their existing ones for rent, not all players are in this position.

Can you imagine buying a multi-million pound footballers home at the top of the property market only to find you are to be transferred to a different country, you are forced to sell your property and the market is under extreme pressure?

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